Survivor Tamil Contestant Lady Kash Controversies

 Latest Update:

  • Lady Kash quits Survivor; alleges makers didn’t care she had COVID symptoms
About Lady Kash:
  • Singer-songwriter Lady Kash, who has written and sung songs in films like Endhiran, Engeyum Kaadhal and Kabali, was one of the 18 contestants on the reality TV show, Survivor.
Exit from Survivor Tamil Contestant Lady Kash:

  • While the show is seeing evictions every few days, the singer has now quit the show citing apathy on the part of its makers after she developed COVID symptoms.
  • Kash took to her YouTube channel to talk about it and also penned a long post. She wrote, “Three participants who were unwell, had tested positive to what was suspected to be COVID, on 24 September 2021, in Tanzania. Even though a number of us were unwell for a week or more, it had not occurred to the organisers to take a COVID test since they were complacent about the fact that Zanzibar (the island they are shooting in) has zero cases. The test took place only after the request of our host (Arjun Sarja). Even though my test result showed negative, I had all the symptoms of the virus such as chest tightness, cough, cold shivers, body aches, and fatigue. I was barely able to stand. We were placed in an establishment on the 24th and were allowed to speak to our families only on the third day, after much begging and pleading, all while we were worried for our lives and health. It is to be noted that despite our fragile mental and physical state, along with the toll that the show takes on us, we were left alone most of the time with nobody to look after us and were staring at four walls, without even being able to contact our loved ones. On the 27th, the organisers mentioned that the three participants who have tested positive, will rest until their results are negative and can then continue in the game. My manager and I had requested the organisers for the same opportunity for me — to rest, recover and get back in the game when I am once again well enough to play. This request was downright denied based on the reason by organisers that I was not showing COVID positive results, and instead, only had all the symptoms. They did not consider this as anything serious, clearly, as according to them, I had to either immediately get back in the game or leave the game. Basically, I was given the ultimatum of choosing between the game and my poor health. Oddly, the option of resting and proceeding to be part of the game jury was not even brought up either. (sic)”
  • Kash elaborated, “After having made it to the top 8, having played through 48 days, while battling life-threatening infections, facing a concussion injury on my head which was not medically scanned for nor followed up after, almost drowning and having my left leg going numb for half a day, I was told that I could not rest, recover and continue the game like the others. With a heavy heart and feeling extremely cheated out of my right to finish my game journey, I had to have my management book and shift me to a better establishment where I would be able to at least speak to my family and take care of my mental and physical health as well as safety, till I get on the flight to Chennai.”
  • Kash also added that the shift was arranged and paid for by her management as the organisers didn’t bear any expenses. She added, “My payment had also become a problem to them as I was no longer of use to the show and they were already tensed about the production costs ‘going to waste’ as they had to pause the game for a few days. Although we were worried about our lives in this global pandemic situation, and we were already tested by the raw intensities of the game, the single worry of the organisers was money; to finish the remaining 20 episodes within schedule in a lesser time frame, regardless of health concerns. Before leaving the establishment that the organisers had placed me in, my manager and I had once again spoken to them and asked if there was any way that I could have the same time to recover and continue the game. We had expressed that the options being given to me were completely unjust, unfair, and inhumane. As much as I wanted to play the game, they left me with no choice. I had to choose my health given the weak and fragile state that I was in. We told them that if this is the injustice that was going to be put onto me, then we would have to take the necessary legal actions and share everything with the audience, who deserve the truth.”
  • Kash said that nobody offered to check on her or her health until now. “In line with my belief that truth and justice will always prevail, I hope to have your support as my team, my family and I undertake this journey to fight the uncountable (and unaccounted) acts of injustice and harassment that happens in Indian reality TV shows. It is high time that someone speaks up about this and despite my disappointment of having been thrown out of the show after all my honest efforts and sacrifice, I am choosing to take it upon myself to fight this battle on behalf of any man or woman that has experienced such injustice,” she ended the note.
  • We tried reaching out to the channel which airs the show for their version of this development, but their spokesperson told us that they did not wish to comment at this point of time and would be coming out with their statement soon.
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