TOP 10 Controversies of Nadia Chang (Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestant)


Nadia Chang aka Arujayalachmi Arujunan from Malaysia becomes the first contestant to get evicted
: Nadia made her entry into the show on the day 1 along with 17 other contestants. She is eliminated on the 14th day of the show. Barring the captain Thamarai Selvi and Pavani Reddy, 15 contestants got nominated for eviction this week. Out of them, 10 contestants were saved in the Saturday’s episode. Hence, Nadia Chang, Mathumitha, Chinna Ponnu, Abhishek Raaja and Varun were left in the danger zone. Kamal picked the topic of elimination and said that he will have to save a few contestants and evict one. He saved Varun first and then Chinna Ponnu and later saved Mathumitha. Nadia and Abhishek remained the last two contestants. Finally, Kamal revealed that Nadia is the contestant who gets evicted for the day. Many housemates were shocked by her elimination. Some of them opined that she was one of the most gutsy contestants who could voice her opinion boldly to anyone on their face. They were sad about missing a tough contestant at this stage. After sharing some emotional moments with Mathumitha, she left the house. Kamal welcomed Nadia Chang on the stage. Kamal said that even the act of staying aloof could have been the reason for her eviction. She need not worry about getting evicted so early. Probably, she would be the first one to enjoy the name and fame of becoming part of the show. Nadia said that she has faced a lot of negativity earlier. But, she took them as stepping stones for success. Even she feels that her exit from this show has happened too early.  Meanwhile, Kamal spoke about Nadia making her husband Chang popular among everyone to the extent that he is being perceived as a Hero. People have got the curiosity to see him and meet him. He also enquired about his well being in Chinese language. Later, her journey video was shown to Nadia. Kamal wished Nadia a happy and bright future. After indulging in some memorable conversation with Kamal, Nadia bid adieu from the show. 

 Latest Update:

  • Nadia Chang is the first contestant to enters the Bigg Boss Tamil 5
  • 'My three daughters are my world' Nadia
About Nadia Chang:

  • Nadia Chang aka Arujayalachmi Arujunan, who hails from Malaysia is a famous model and digital content creator.
  • She took part in the MIM (Malaysia Indian Model) competition and became the runner-up.
  • Following this, she also became the finalist of the Mrs Malaysia World 2016 beauty pageant. 

  • Nadia Chang from Malaysia will be sharing her story as part of the ‘Oru Kadhai Sollattuma’ task in today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. Nadia shares the story of her own mom making the police pick her up and thrash her.  Nadia apologises to her mom in the video and says that she is very strict in nature. She began to hate her mom the most when she made the police beat her. She has been working throughout her life. Nadia said she didn’t even get a chance to enjoy her teenage or college life. A social media app earned her good name and fame.
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