TOP 10 Controversies of Thamarai Selvi (Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestant)

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Thamarai Selvi falling on Abishek Raaja's feet as he says everyone is working hard for her sake. Meanwhile, Raju Jeyamohan and Priyanka Deshpande talk about saving Thamarai. When Imman asks why everyone tries to help Thamarai but not Chinna Ponnu, Priyanka says she wants Chinna Ponnu to get eliminated. 

Unknown Facts, Controversies:

  • Thamarai Selvi, the first captain of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house burst out while she narrated her story in the ‘Oru Kadhai Sollattuma’ task.
  • In the new promo, Thamarai says that she isn’t allowed to meet her son. It has been months since she met him. Some of the family members who currently take care of him are poisoned his mind in such a way that he doesn't talk to her. In spite of her attempts to meet him, he avoids her. If she doesn’t reveal her pain now, he might not understand it ever. She further said she decided to take part in Bigg Boss to mainly share her feelings for him.
  •  Iykki Berry and Pavani Reddy are seen trying to calm down Thamari Selvi. Abhishek Raaja empathises with Thamarai and says that she is destined to meet her son and reunite with him.
  • Making an entry into such a big show doesn’t happen so easily. It involves the decision of a number of people. She entered this show to achieve something big. Her words should have already moved the hearts of many people. Those who have hurt her to this extent are adding up their sins. Hearing such words of emotional support, Thamarai suffers an emotional breakdown yet again.



  • Thamarai Selvi becomes the first captain; 15 contestants get nominated for eviction
    Folk artist
    Thamarai Selvi entered the Bigg Boss Tamil 5
  • Folk artist Thamarai Selvi performs a traditional music drama and enters the show.

  • Kamal shares his love for folk arts
  • Kamal Haasan shares that it is hard to know that the pandemic has severly affected folk artsists like her. He wishes that everything will be back to normal and flaunts his love for such traditional art forms.
About Thamarai Selvi:
  • Thamarai Selvi is a folk artist from Dindigul. Being a stage artist, she has performed in hundreds of shows. 


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