2022 Bigg Boss Tamil 24x7 OTT - Latest Update, Contestants, Winners, Elimination


Latest Update:

  • Maria Juliana, Vanitha Vijayakumar,
    and Anita Sampath will be participating in the upcoming debut season of Bigg Boss OTT Tamil. 
  •  With Bigg Boss Tamil 5 inching towards completion, the makers of Bigg Boss are set to launch an OTT format of the show. Reports also suggest that the crew is working on remodelling the show in such a way that it is hosted with 13 contestants for 42 days.
  • The Tamil OTT live is expected to begin airing in the last week of January, and the Telugu OTT will begin airing in February.
  • To make it more interesting, the makers are planning to make some innovative changes to the show. While it has been said that there will be a 24x7 live telecast, the makers have concealed whether the show will be aired unedited or not.
About the Show:

  • After the completion of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, in order to retain the audience's interest, the makers of Bigg Boss launched Bigg Boss Jodigal, a dance reality show. And contestants from previous seasons have taken part. Bigg Boss Jodigal aired until the start of Bigg Boss Tamil 5.
  • As there are only a few weeks left for the completion of Bigg Boss Tamil 5, 24 hours of live feed for Bigg Boss OTT will be telecast on the OTT platform. It has also been said that contestants from all the Bigg Boss seasons except for the title winners will be participating in this ‘mini’ Bigg Boss.
Bigg Boss OTT South Details:
  • Already, Bigg Boss Telugu host Nagarjuna has announced that he will be hosting Bigg Boss Telugu OTT shortly after the grand finale. Following this announcement, the makers of Bigg Boss Live started working on the casting for the reality show.
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