2022 Telugu TV Show Dhee 14 Latest Update, Elimination, Contestants, Winner


  • Winner, Grand Finale: 'Dhee 14 - Dancing Icon' winner: Dancer Jathin Kumar lifts the trophy and wins Rs. 75 lakh cash prize
  • Popular dance reality show 'Dhee 14: Dancing Ikon' has concluded on a high note. Jathin Kumar has won the eventful season featuring some exceptional dancers as contestants. Famed actor Raviteja, popularly known as 'Mass Maharaja' was the special guest of the event. He presented the trophy to Jathin Kumar, who jumped out of euphoria after he was declared the winner. He was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 75 lakhs as well. Contestants Sagar and Rishika emerged as the runner-up of the season.
  • The grand gala finale witnessed some electrifying dance performances by the finalists in the presence of the judging panel including Anee, Ganesh Master and Poorna aka Shamna Khasim and the special guest.
  • Chief guest Raviteja appeared in the Telugu TV series for the first time. His entry has filled the finale with the much-needed vigour and enthusiasm. Raviteja enjoyed the performances throughout and also left everyone in splits with his wit and sense of humour. Raviteja was seen on some popular chat shows like Pradeep’s Koncham Touch lo Unte Cheptanu and Unstoppable with NBK season 1 earlier.
  • In the finale, host Pradeep announced the next season of the popular dance reality TV series. It is titled 'Dhee 15: Champion Battle'. Latest reports reveal that the upcoming season is underway.
  • Dhee 14: Dancing Ikon was hosted by Pradeep Machiraju. Choreographers Ganesh, Jani, Anee, actress Shamna Kasim, Priyamani, and Nanditha Swetha were seen as the judges of the show. The show also featured Akhil, Hyper Aadi, Ravikrishna, Navya Swamy and others as well.

  • Raviteja to grace Dhee 14 grand finale; watch promo revealing his stylish entry,
    Popular dance reality Dhee 14 is inching close to its climax and it is going to be all the more special. Living up to its tradition of inviting some stalwarts of the Telugu entertainment industry, Dhee 14 grand finale will have none other than Raviteja, popularly known as ‘Mass Maharaja’ among fans, as the special guest of the upcoming grand gala finale episode. The makers of the show have released a short promo revealing his stylish entry into the show. This teaser has left fans on tenterhooks.
  • Raviteja was seen on some popular chat shows like Pradeep’s Koncham Touch lo Unte Cheptanu and Unstoppable with NBK season 1 earlier but he is appearing on a Telugu dance reality show apparently for the first time. Beyond his unique comic timing and sense of humour, Raviteja is also known his grace and mannerisms in his dance numbers as well. His interaction with the host, contestants and the judging panel remains to be seen. He is also expected to present the trophy and cash prize to the winners. Fans on social media are eagerly looking forward to this exciting climax for Ravitejas as well. Further details about the grand finale are awaited at the moment.
  • In the past, superstars Jr NTR and Allu Arjun were a part of the grand finales of the reality TV series’ previous seasons.
  • Dhee season 14 has witness its share of ups and downs with people walking in and out of the show. Besides Nanditha Swetha and Priyamani, a few episodes were judged by Ganesh Master and Jani Master as well. Anee Master and Poorna were also a part of the judging panel, too. Akhil, one of the team leaders, also took a break from the show to participate in Bigg Boss Non-Stop. He was recently back to the show. Akhil’s performance in the recent semi-final episode was also much talked-about on social media.
  • Contestants Somesh, Mahalakshmi and others have already grabbed attention with their exemplary performances in the season so far.
  • Pradeep Machiraju hosted the entire season though. Sources reveal that he, too, might take a break from the dance reality TV series for a while. 
  • Sudigaali Sudheer opts out of Dhee 14? Latest reports reveal that Sudigaali Sudheer is no longer a part of the upcoming season of Dhee. The popular actor, who has been associated with Dhee as team leader for a while now, has opted out of the forthcoming season due to personal reasons.

  • Akhil Sarthak on joining Dhee 14: I'm a just Teenmaar dancer but very excited to lead these supremely talented kids

  • Dhee 13 Kings vs Queens concluded on a high note crowning Kavya Sri as the winner and the upcoming season of the popular TV series is already creating a lot of buzz on social media.

Team Leaders:
  • Reality TV star Akhil Sarthak will step into his shoes as a team leader
  • Hyper Aadi will continue as the other team leader in Dhee 14, as per sources. The two have shot for the promo of the upcoming fourteenth edition of the dance reality series which will be released soon.

  • Sudheer and Rashmi
    's on-screen chemistry, Hyper Aadi-Pradeep and Sudheer's fun banter, and his fun antics and sketches on the show are very popular. Sudheer and Rashmi have earned a huge following on social media; thanks to their entertaining stint on the show.
  • Shamna Kasim aka Poorna, Priyamani, and Ganesh Master are most likely to continue as the judges of the show. However, an official confirmation is awaited at the moment.
  • Pradeep Machiraju remains the host of Dhee 14 as well.
About the Show:
  • Dhee is an Indian dance reality show telecasting in ETV (India).
  • The show is produced by Mallemalla Productions and is referred to as one of the biggest dance show in Telugu television industry.
  • First season of the show was presented by Prabhu Deva. Rambha was the judge of the show in Season 4.[2] The show has recently finished its 12th season with the name "Dhee Champions" and has started another Season named "Dhee 13 Kings vs Queens" where both are hosted by Pradeep Machiraju with Sudigali Sudheer, Deepika Pilli Rashmi Gautam and Hyper Aadi as team leaders. Shekhar Master, Priyamani and Poorna primary judges.
Winners All Seasons:

Unknown Facts:
  • The show was started in the year 2009. It was directed by Kennedy in the first season with Prabhu Deva as presenter, next seasons saw Benzene and Deepthi Reddy, Sanjay Nagaraju as directors. Later Sanjeev K kumar took over the Dhee season 5 who has directed other television shows like Cash and Jabardasth for ETV Telugu.
  • The creative director of the show is Naga Raju Goud.
  • The season 7 and season 8 of the show were hosted by Niharika Konidela.
  • The season 9 of the show with the name Dhee Jodi started in 2016 and ended in June 2017. The show although right from inception was proving to be the largest in South India, the argument became undebatable from around this season as it gained a national recognition with contestants from all across the country.
  • Directed by Nitin and Bharath, Dhee Jodi (Dhee 9) was hosted by Pradeep Machiraju with Shekhar Master and Sadha as the judges. Sudigali Sudheer and Rashmi Gautam were the promotional team.
  • Dhee 10 started with Shekar Master, Priyamani and Anee as judges with four teams (Sudheer, Rashmi, Varshini, Hemanth.) Later during the progress of the season 10, the four teams were combined into two teams (Sudheer and Varshini) and (Rashmi Gautam and Hemanth) teams. Dhee 10 Winner is Raju (Chitti master). Lately the show has been receiving both criticism and praise from various corners for adding more comedy and gymnastic elements in addition to being a dance reality show. Dhee jodi (Dhee 11) was hosted by Pradeep Machiraju and judged by Shekar Master, Priyamani, and Anee Master (later replaced by Poorna). The team leaders were Sudigali Sudheer and Rashmi Gautam. The winner of the season was Mahesh and Ritu (Prasanth Master). Dhee champions (Dhee 12) was judged by Sekhar Master, Priyamani and Poorna. The two teams, Sudigali Sudheer and Rashmi Gautam against Hyper Adi and Varshini. Dhee Season 12 winner is Piyush Gurbhele ( Yaswanth Master). Dhee 13 Kings v/s Queens (Dhee 13) is being judged by Shekhar Master, Priyamani and Poorna. The two teams are namely Kings led by Sudigali Sudheer and Hyper Aadi and Queens led by Rashmi Gautam and Deepika Pilli. It is being hosted by Pradeep Machiraju.
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