2022 Kannada Golden Gang - Latest Update, Celebs, Contestants, Participants

Latest Updates:

  • Tharun Kishore Sudhir and Sharan get candid about their childhood friendship, reveal a few secrets:
    Kannada television's new reality show 'Golden Gang' hosted by film star Ganesh had a mega opening indeed. The premiere episode of the new reality show saw besties Tharun Kishore Sudhir, Sharan, and Prem as the special guests. The trio, who have been friends for many years now, got candid about their bond and also revealed a lot of secrets about their friendship. But what grabbed the attention was when Tharun and Sharan opened up about their childhood friends. Hailing from a star-studded family, both Sharan and Tharun have known each other since childhood. Although Sharan is older than Tharun, the duo shares unconditional love and respect for each other. Talking about their friendship, Tharun took a stroll down the memory lane and mentioned how Sharan would pamper him during his school days. Tharun mentioned that Sharan would often visit his school during lunch hours to only give him his lunch box. He elaborated and recalled an incident when Sharan spent an hour feeding food to Tharun at school. The latter even stated that Sharan actually made him sit on his lap to feed him food. These memories took the buddies back to their childhood days. They spoke more about their friendship and mentioned how they have been together throughout the thick and thin of their lives.
  • Today Episode
  • Golden Gang to premiere, In the premiere episode, actors Prem Sharan and Nanda Kishore along with their family members are participating in the show. They will share how the friendship bonding has helped to overcome tough situations in their life
About the Show:

  • For the first time in the Kannada television history, a unique non-fiction show called Golden Gang which celebrates friendship will be aired tomorrow and Sunday at 9pm. The show hosted by Ganesh marks his comeback to television.
Participants. Celebs:
  • According to the channel, “Some of the prominent actors from Sandalwood, television, politicians and sports personalities Rakshit Shetty, Rishabh Shetty, Raj B Shetty,Venkatesh Prasad, Javagal Srinath, Anil Kumble, Sunil Joshi, Former Chief Minister’s Siddaramaiah, Yediyurappa, HD Kumaraswamy and Sandalwood queen Ramya are taking part in the show.”
  • This show introduces the guests close friends while also reminding their golden memories. The promo has already become a tremendous hit and has piqued the audience's interest. Channel sources tell us the show will have as many as 26 episodes which will be aired only in the weekends.
  • It may be recalled that it is Ganesh’s popular dialogue Namaskara Namaskara in the television show Comedy Time which gave him the platform to take a big leap from small screen to Sandalwood as a hero.
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