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  • Culinary show ‘Radhuni’ to air special episodes on ‘Durga Puja
    The bond between ‘aam Bangali’ and food is eternal. Nothing can match the pleasure of taking a gastronomic tour that not only satisfies your belly but also your heart! Be it simple ‘Aloo Seddho','Ghee', 'Bhat' (smashed potato, clarified butter and rice), or exotic ‘Kosha Mangsho’, 'Luchi' and ‘Polao’, Bengali people have always found enormous pleasure in treating taste buds. And the urge to satisfy the pleasure increases at the time of festivals, especially, Durga Puja. Keeping that in mind, a popular Bengali TV channel has come up with some special episodes from ‘Shashthi’ to ‘Dashami’. Popular TV show ‘Radhuni’, co-hosted by Lopamudra Sinha and Sritama Bhattacharjee, is ready to take the audience on a gastronomic tour. ‘Pujoye Khao Pet Purey’, will celebrate the eternal bond between food and ‘aam Bangali’.
  • Each day, the show will bring the recipes of some lip-smacking dishes. Guests will share recipes of Laal Paneer, Cheesy Kakrar Malaikari, Kalapatay Malai Rui, Magic Masala Mutton. That’s not all, keeping ‘Bijoya Dashami’ in mind, the guest chef will also share the recipe of mouth-watering ‘Kucho Goja’ and ‘Porota Nimki’.


  • Culinary show ‘Radhuni’ welcomes actress Chumki Chowdhury
    On the pious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, cookery show 'Radhuni' is set to welcome the senior artist Chumki Chowdhury as a special guest. Renowned director Anjan Chowdhury’s daughter Chumki, has been a part of many Bengali movies. The senior artist is currently playing a prominent role in ‘Hoyto Tomar E Jonno’ and will grace Radhuni’s new episode.

About the Show:
  • ‘Radhuni’, hosted by actresses Lopamudra Sinha and Sritama Bhattacharjee is one of the most popular shows on Bengali television. The culinary show brings the recipes of mouth-watering dishes keeping the eternal relationship between good food and ‘bhojon rosik Bangali’ (foodie Bengali) in mind.
  • On ‘Radhuni’, she will share the recipe of a delicious Indian food which is full of flavour and nutrition. Today’s episode will feature Sritama as a host and the viewers will learn the recipe of ‘Soya paneer kofta curry’. With simple ingredients which are easily available in the market, Chumki will prepare the lip-smacking dish.
  • Besides good food, there will be a candid adda where the viewers will see a different side of the senior artist. The actress, who is known for his affable nature and down to earth behaviour, will share her experience of working in Tollywood. From personal life, love for acting to the fond memories associated with her dad Anjan Chowdhury; Chumki will share many interesting facts in today’s episode. Chumki was featured in a number of Bengali movies including ‘Mahajan’, ‘Heerak Jayanti’, ‘Mejo Bou’, ‘Sriman Bhutnath’, ‘Sangharsha’ and others.
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