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Latest Update:
  • Tania becomes addicted to drugs after her messy break up which eventually causes her downfall. She starts facing a huge financial crunch because of her addiction.
  • Incidentally, she notices an app titled ‘Dark Dare’ that promises the users to pay a good amount of money if they manage to complete the tasks assigned to them. Tania starts using this app to earn easy money without realising the flip side. Eventually, she completes a few tough tasks including the murder of a minister. Cops arrest Tania and start interrogating her. Things take a drastic turn when she kills herself after being unable to bear the trauma.

  • To solve the mystery around sister Tania’s death, her elder sister Diya comes to the city. She meets ACP Hema Singh and reporter Sohag. Diya learns how many youngsters like Tania are falling prey to this app. She vows to unmask the mastermind behind ‘Dark Dare’.
Star Cast:
  • Aishwarya and Payel, the series has Richa Sharma, Rana Mukherjee, Amitabha Acharya, Arpita Das, Rana Basu Thakur, Indranil Dey and many others. Members of the popular band Cactus have not only sang a beautiful song but also will feature in this web series. Actress Ranieeta Dash is the creative director, co-producer and will also make a special appearance. Amlan Chakraborty is the music director while Souvik Guha is associated with this project as a creative consultant.
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