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  • Koushik Sen-Somu Sarkar starrer ‘Godhuli Alap’ completes 100 episodes; team celebrates:
    The cast and crew of TV show ‘Godhuli Alap’, are enjoying a celebratory mood as the show has completed 100 episodes on Bengali TV. Artists, technicians and al others who are associated with the unit, celebrated the milestone on the shooting set. Here’s a glimpse, Team ‘Godhuli Alap’ had a gala time together celebrating their first milestone. The cast and crew managed some time off from their busy shoot schedule and enjoyed a celebratory mood. Actors Koushik Sen, Somu Sarkar, Sohag Sen along with other teammates enjoyed a good time 
  • ‘Godhuli Alap’ to feature an interesting twist: Raj Chakraborty-produced television serial ‘Godhuli Alap’ has managed to woo the audience with its interesting narrative and strong cast. The show explores the relationship between a successful advocate and his much younger wife and has senior artist Koushik Sen and newbie Somu Sarkar as the lead pair. While the chemistry between Arindam and Nolok, who are poles apart in every possible way, has already caught the attention of Bengali audience, makers have been adding frequent twists and turn to spice up the drama quotient.

  • Adding one more ‘Kahani mein twist’ moment into the story, ‘Godhuli Alap’ will add a new tweak into the story. While male protagonist Arindam appreciates village belle Nolok’s innocent and cheerful side, he is yet to accept the latter as his wife. When Nolok’s dad Haradhan visits their place and feels bad seeing his daughter being targeted by a few people, he feels bad.
  • He decides to take Nolok home but the latter denies. Haradhan discusses the matter with Arindam, who is no less than a messiah to Haradhan. Being a father, he talks about Nolok’s position in the household and how his innocence is mostly being misjudged. Arindam eventually loses his patients and reminds Haradhan of the circumstances under which he was compelled to marry Nolok. The successful lawyer also confesses that although he did the right thing by saving Nolok from the goons and keeping up to his promise, he is yet to accept her as his wife. Haradhan feels shattered to know the truth and is taken aback by the revelation. Meanwhile, the duo is completely unaware of the fact that Nolok is standing nearby too.
  • The young village belle, who is ruled by her heart, feels dejected. She makes a tough decision and decides to release Arindam from his duties as a husband. The sudden maturity and shocking turn of events leaves Arindam speechless.
  • With such a storyline in store, the viewers can expect some high-voltage drama in Godhuli Alap’s upcoming episodes.
Star Cast:
  • The show features Koushik as Arindam while Somu plays Nolok’s role. Senior artist Sohag Sen is essaying the role of Koushik Sen’s mom while Bhaswar Chatterjee is Arindam’s brother. Actress Roshni Bhattacharyya plays Rohini’s character, who is Arindam’s junior.
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