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  • Lavanya bumps into Agastya's car:
    Kannada daily soap Nannarasi Radhe is all set to witness an unexpected twist in the upcoming episode. Actress Tejaswini Prakash will be making her comeback into the daily soap as Lavanya. The actress will be seen making her appearance in the upcoming episodes of 'Nannarasi Radhe'.
  • Just when Agastya and Inchara are having a drive, they bump into a young lady who gets hit by their car. Initially, they get worried about the safety of the lady. But, in a shocking turn of events, the couple is shocked to see Lavanya as the victim who was hit by their car. What surprises them is the awful state of Lavanya. Further, Inchara decides to follow and save Lavanya when she notices a group of men chasing her. Agastya on the other hand is worried about seeing Lavanya. He notices Lavanya struggling for food. Well, with Lavanya's return to Nannarasi Radhe, it remains to be seen what twist the makers are having to entertain the viewers.
  • Talking about Lavanya's character in Nannarasi Radhe, Tejaswini is much appreciated for her on-screen character Lavanya. The actress has indeed set a new wave with her on-screen character. She is known for her stylish looks and dynamic dialogue delivery.


Latest Update:

  • Actress Amulya Gowda joins team Nannarasi Radhe as Ashwini.
    Going by the pictures, the actress already seems to be building a good rapport with her co-actors in the daily soaps. With Amulya's entry as Ashwini in Nannarasi Radhe, the ongoing storyline is likely to witness a major twist in the show.
  • Daily soap Nannarasi Radhe is gearing up for some gripping twists. The show is all set to introduce a new character in the storyline. With Agastya learning the truth about the survival of his younger sister, the makers are now set to introduce Ashwini's character in the story.
Star Cast:
  • Actress Amulya Gowda has been roped in for Ashwini's character who is the lost sister of the male protagonist, Agastya. Amulya will soon be featuring in the Nannarasi Radhe as Ashwini. The actress has been busy shooting her scenes for the daily soap. She has also shared a few glimpses of her presence in the daily soap by sharing pictures on her social media profile straight from the sets of Nannarasi Radhe.
  • Nannarasi Radhe narrates the love story of a young aspiring girl and businessman. The story is about Inchara, who does not have a degree but desperately needs a job.
  • A series of events lands her a job at Agastya Enterprises where the Rathod family scion Agastya works. She dislikes Agastya. Their journey from hatred to love forms the crux of the story.
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