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Latest Update: 
  • Today Episode:
  • Gaatchora becomes the most-watched TV show, Solanki Roy and Gourab Chatterjee starrer ‘Gaatchora’ has topped the TRP chart yet again. The budding romance between protagonists Khori and Riddhiman seems to have managed to woo the audience. The show, which usually dominates the top spot, wasn’t scoring as per fans’ expectations for a few weeks. ‘Dhulokona’, which was in the numero uno position last week, has slipped down to the second spot this time. The makers are however have been adding back to back twists to keep the entertainment quotient up and sustain viewership.
  • Biswarup Bandyopadhyay and Mohana Maiti’s ‘Gouri Elo’ is in the third spot. This daily soap, which has a mythological and devotional essence in its story, has been scoring well since the beginning.

  • ‘Gaatchora’ completes 200 episodes; cast and crew celebrate:
    It’s indeed a joyous moment for the team members who worked hard to make the show a success. They managed some time off and celebrated the milestone.
    Team ‘Gaatchora’ partied on the set. A beautiful cake was brought to make the occasion even more extravagant. The cast and crew members gathered together and they enjoyed a cosy cake-cutting party. Actors Solanki, Shreema Bhattacherjee, Sohini Sanyal, Anuradha Roy, Anushka Goswami, director Soumen Halder along with other team members were in a celebratory mood. The TV show, which was launched in December 2021, features an ensemble star cast that also includes June Maliah, Tanuka Chatterjee, Ratan Sarkhel, Shaon Dey, and others. While Solanki and Gourab play reel couple, Shreema and Anindya Chatterjee are essaying negative roles.
  • Daily soap ‘Gaatchora’ has managed to strike a connection with the Bengali audience within a brief period of its launch. The show enjoys wide popularity and scores quite well on the TRP charts too. For quite some time, ‘Gaantchor’ dominated the numero uno spot on the TRP charts and replaced Bengal topper TV show ‘Mithai’ from the position. A simple story, backed with frequent twists and turns have worked in favour of the show. Moreover, Gourab and Solanki as a pair, looks convincing. They share a sizzling chemistry and enjoy a huge popularity among the audience.

  • TV show Gaatchora set to feature a new twist:
    Bengali television serial ‘Gaatchora’ has kept the audience glued to the screen with its engaging drama. While protagonist Khori-Riddhiman’s crackling chemistry never failed to woo the audience, the latest twists couldn’t show the magic in terms of TRPs. The show, which was earlier seen dominating the TRP charts and winning the title of most-watched show on Bengali TV, is witnessing a dip in terms of its position since the past few weeks. Aiming the no. 1 position on TRP charts, the show is ready to dish out some high-voltage drama holding the hand of its new twist.
  • The Singha Roy family is up for a shocking news as their youngest son Kunal marries protagonist Khori’s sister Bonnie. While his family is gearing up for his wedding and even found a perfect match, Kunal leaves them in utter shock when he arrives at home with his newlywed wife Bonnie. To add more twist to the story, it was Khori who got them married in a temple under unavoidable circumstances without the knowledge of her in-laws. Well, this will cause a ripple among the Singha Roys who are yet to accept sisters Khori and Dyuti as their bahus. Both Khori-Riddhiman and Dyuti-Rahul’s weddings were more like a shock to the Singha Roy family. Now, yet another girl from Khori’s family is ready to join the Singha Roy household as the new bahu. Needless to say that the new update will affect Khori-Riddhiman’s relationship. The duo was coming closer but the new development is likely to affect it.
  • Solanki Roy-Gourab Chatterjee starrer ‘Gaatchora’ set for a brand new twist
About the Show:
  • The daily soap starring actors Gourab Chatterjee and Solanki Roy as the lead pair, turned out to be the current favourite of Bengali audience.
  • Interesting storyline, strong cast and protagonists Riddhiman-Khori’s chemistry have worked in favour of the show.
  • Meanwhile, the makers aren’t shying away from adding frequent twists and turns into the storyline. Keeping the trend alive, the show is inching towards a big twist which will dish out some high-voltage drama.
  • ‘Gaatchora’, which managed to woo the audience soon after its launch, has been scoring exceptionally well. It replaced Bengali TV’s hot favourite show ‘Mithai’ from the top spot and sustained its position for quite a long time. After facing a major threat from ‘Dhulokona’, the makers are currently adding more and more drama to the storyline to sustain the viewership. It will be interesting to see whether the new twist helps ‘Gaatchora’ maintain its top spot.
Latest Story:

  • According to the storyline, protagonists Riddhiman and Khori, who are otherwise poles apart, slowly come closer. Every time, one of them lands in trouble, the other one helps.
  • The current track will focus on ‘Jamai Shashthi’ celebration. Jamai Rajas Riddhiman and Rahul are invited at their in-laws’ place for the occasion of ‘Jamai Shashthi’. While Khori’s family is looking forward to celebrating the first ‘Jamai Shashthi’ of their daughters, something unexpected takes place. A rich and powerful promoter asks Khori’s family to vacate the house since he will use the land to construct a flat. Giving a new twist to the whole situation, the promoter claims, Riddhiman sold Khori’s property to him. Antagonists Rahul (played by actor Anindya Chatterjee) and Dyuti (played by Shreema Bhattacherjee) don’t shy away from utilising the situation and start blaming Riddhiman who has no clue about the incident. Opportunist Dyuti tries to prove that Riddhiman is trying to teach her family a lesson by forcing him to marry Khori. Riddhiman’s brother Rahul who is focusing on his own benefit, keeps adding fuel to the fire and alleges the former for fooling Khori. Interestingly, Khori, who is slowly developing a bond with her better half, vows to prove Riddhiman innocent.
  • With all these istore, the show is inching towards some high voltage drama where Khori will unmask the real culprits again.
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