Kannada TV Show Kendasampige Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Amrutha Ramamoorthi makes a comeback as an ‘updated version of a vamp’
  • The serial, which will go on floors in August, sees Amrutha essaying Sadhana, an ambitious young woman who, besides indulging in straight talk, is an aspiring businesswoman.
Star Cast:
  • Amrutha Rammmoorthi became a household name as Vachana from Kulavadhu and was enjoying a good innings on the small screen when motherhood beckoned. After a brief break from it all, the actor is staging a comeback on television as an antagonist in Kendasampige.
  • “The team of Kendasampige approached me when my daughter was two-and-a-half months old. I had agreed because the role was in complete contrast to what I had played so far. I’m known for my Miss Goody-Two-Shoes image because of all the homely roles I’ve played so far, so this was a major detour. It was the role of an antagonist and I’m pretty sure the audience would not have expected to see me playing this, considering the popularity I got as the docile Vachana,” shares Amrutha.
  • Amruthā’s role is not that of a regular shrew. “She is sophisticated and is a today’s woman. No loud or garish make-up for her,” states Amrutha. “She wants to take over her family business and will go to any length to prioritise her career. This, coupled with her speaking her mind even at the cost of offending people, doesn’t bode well for her. Basically, she is an updated version of a vamp. And I was intrigued by this aspect because I’m someone who balances family and work in real life,” shares Amrutha.
  • Ask her about the challenges actors face especially in taking up roles that are very different from what audiences are used to and she says: “Most of them understand that it’s just a role, especially since I’ve been in television for a decade now. But the older generation and homemakers find it tough to make this distinction because they invest so much of themselves into their favourite characters and I understand that. While as actors, we can easily make the distinction between reel and real, they can’t. I’m just grateful for being where I am and, thankfully, I haven’t experienced hate from them,” she smiles.
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