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Latest Update:

  • 'Srimathi Srinivas' to feature actor Chandan Kumar's replacement today - Telugu daily soap 'Srimathi Srinivas' made headlines recently with the controversial walkout of lead actor Chandan Kumar.
    The show will welcome a new 'Srinivas' today. The channel airing the show has shared a new teaser introducing Chandan's replacement as Srinivas. The video has Srinivas walking in when Sridevi feels discouraged. Overwhelmed, Sridevi will give Srinivas a tight hug as soon as she sees him. However, this teaser hasn't gone well with a section of netizens. The comments section is filled with comments expressing their disappointment over the replacement.
  • For the unversed, Chandan Kumar, who was seen as Srinivas previously, had to quit the show after a dispute with the crew members. The actor hailing from Bangalore reportedly had a heated verbal exchange with the team after there were allegations and counter allegations of verbal abuse and assault between him and an assistant director of the show. Speaking about the incident in an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Chandan shared, “I shuttle between Bengaluru and Hyderabad for shoots. The last month has been hectic because my mother was not well. She was admitted to a hospital, so I had to travel a lot more than usual, which obviously increased my stress levels. On some days, despite me being present on set, there are hardly any portions of mine, so I took a power nap on one such day. When an assistant tried to wake me up, I asked him to give me five minutes, and I pushed him because we share a friendly bond on set. He thought that I assaulted him, and he told this to the rest of the team. The matter immediately reached the director’s team and more than 50 members surrounded me. No one supported me, so I was helpless in the situation. I don't know Telugu too well, so I couldn’t even explain the incident properly." Quitting the show midway, Chandan asserted, “I need some rest, so I will no longer be seen in Srimathi Srinivas.” Telugu Television Technicians and Workers Federation has imposed a lifetime ban on Savitramma Gari Abbayi actor after the incident.
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