Its a FLOP Season - 10 Reasons why Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is FLOP


Its a FLOP Season - 10 Reasons why Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is FLOP
  • NO LOVE TRACK: As every season of Bigg Boss, Love story leads good TRP's and makes interesting to the show. But this season Bigg Boss Management expected from Sri Satya, Arjun, Vasanthi, Srihan but all are failed to show any interest in Love. Bigg Boss tried to show Surya and Arohi's track but fans getting bore very soon. BB also tried to show some footage of Raj Shekhar with Keerthi but they are not getting footage. So even after 25 days NO LOVE TRACK so this season is missed to impress one sort of young fans to watch BB.
  • NO STRONG FRIENDSHIP BONDS, even after 25 days BB not able to cook stories on love but this season also failing to make strong friendships. No two contestants are formed a strong bong so far. Earlier seasons we have seen within 10 days atleast 1 or 2 strong bonds where they sit, talk, enjoy and even defends in fights but this years fans are unhappy. Some what Geetu and Adi Reddy's bond seems to good. Some contestants are known outside like Revent and Arjun, Arjun and Sri Satya, Surya and Arohi but Fans are not seen very strong bond so far.
  • Comedy, Some time Comedy also lacking in this season, Contestants like Chanti, Fiama are not getting good time to show there performances even BB also giving chance to show case. We will be missing Baba Bhaskar.
  • GANGS, This season we have 21 contestants, but we are not seems who is with whom. it is like all 21 are playing individual games. Geetu/Adi and Surya/Arohi are two gangs we are able to see and surely they not nominate each other for entire season. Why Arjun and Revant play as a gang but they are not, even Arjun and Sri Satya can form a gang.
  • FIGHTS, During nominations we are able to see some fights but fans are expecting more fights in task too.
  • HYPER CONTESTANTS, looks like everyone is acting like mature and no contestant is showing hyper side, Geetu is not hyper but she is playing with too much mind. We are missing contestants Rahul, Sohil where they used to show full anger/hyper.
  • LGBTQ: Some what to make show interesting to LGBTQ personalities in BB but this year we are missing that too atleast no one from Film Critic/ Humanist like Babu Gogineni,Tamanna Simhadhri, Priyanka Singh
  • SINGERS ARE WINNERS, its like a no spoiler, as every year singers will be in TOP 2, this season also no strong competition to Revent so even he is in Nominations we know that he will be saved.
  • COUPLES, some what this season BB team picked a wrong couple Rohit Sahni and Marina because both are playing dull and like dead. Do we have less interesting couple in the industry? 
  • CUTE & Beautiful MINDS, Do you remember Monal, Divi, Punarnavi they are cute, beautiful with MINDS, they used to show footage but this season Sri Satya, Vasanthi not making any expectations, Fans are feeling bore.
  • FUN TIME, In the entire day we are not seeing all contestants are sitting in one place and hangout, we used to see in other seasons where every morning all contestants should sit and play a small game.
  • List will update soon
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