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Latest Update:
  • Malayalam TV show Koodevide's recent episode with Elon Musk reference becomes fodder for memes.
  • TV shows have been time and again trolled on social media for their unrealistic elements, sequences and plots. However, this time, a dialogue in the popular Malayalam daily soap 'Koodevide' with a reference to Elon Musk has become fodder for memes.
  • In the recent episode of 'Koodevide', characters Adithyan, Rishi, Surya, and Aditi were seen having a conversation. In the chat, Adithyan, played by Anil Mohan informs Surya (Anishitha) that one of her projects was selected for a national conference. Further, he adds that the guest of the conference will be none other than her idol, Elon Musk.
  • The sequence in the show got heavily trolled on social media and one of the troll videos has already clocked half a million likes as well. The post is filled with hilarious comments by netizens taking a jibe at the Elon Musk reference.
About the Show:
  • Koodevide is an Indian Malayalam television romantic drama thriller series that premiered on 4 January 2021 and airs on Malayalam General Entertainment Channel Asianet and also available on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The show is produced by Movie Mill of Krishnan Sethukumar, and stars Bipin Jose, Anshitha, Krishna Kumar (later replaced by Anil Mohan), and Sreedhanya in the leads.
  • It is an official remake of Bengali series Mohor
  • 'Koodevide' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV.
  • The striking chemistry of actors Bipin Jose and Anshitha is much loved by fans. Along with them, actors Anil Mohan, Sreedhanya, Nisha Mathew also play meaty roles in the show.
  • On a similar note, one of the fun conversations of comedians Tini Tom and Ramesh Pisharody in the show 'Fun's Upon A Time, imitating actor Bala, recently went viral on social media.
Star Cast:
  • Anshitha Anji (Anshitha Akbarsha) as Soorya Kaimal
  • Shivarama and Devamma's younger daughter and Arya's and Nithin's younger sister. Shekhar's cousin, Adhithi's student
  • Bipin Jose as Rishikesh Adithyan aka Rishi
  • Adhithi and Adithyan's son, Soorya's teacher
  • Krishnakumar / Anil Mohan as Adithyan
  • Rishi's father, Soorya's teacher. He is Adhithi's estranged husband who comes to meet her regularly. Anandan and Rani's brother
  • Sreedhanya as Adhithi Padmanabhan
  • Adithyan's estranged wife, Rishikesh's mother, Rani's sister-in-law and Soorya's mentor. She supports Soorya in her studies.


  • Bengali - Mohor
  • Kannada - Sarasu
  • Telugu - Guppedantha Manasu
  • Hindi - Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani
  • Malayalam - Koodevide
  • Tamil - Kaatrukkenna Veli
  • Marathi - Swabhiman - Shodh Astitvacha

  • My mom s watching n full of praise for the serial. I watched only one episode. All d characters r carefully selected but y r those two girls looking like this?? So bad... It s like.. I dono to explain but I know no college will have such girls inside the campus. The way they dress s so absurd! Both r looking like super dumb n shameful! So pls look into it.
  • The serial was going well,  unfortunately after a while , it is boring.  After the incident , Rishi must narrate all the  back stories to SP Suraj, but He just kept silent.  The director and the script writer making the viewers fools.  Rishi must explain what Surya has seen , and who has pushed Mitra . This is utter foolishness.  Please bring back the serial to a sensible story.  Also Rishi must improve a lot. A serial's success is its dialogue presentation.  Unfortunately Rishi is not good on dialogue presentation.
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