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Latest Update:
  • Today Epsideo

  • Daar Ughad Baye's Maha episode,
    Marathi TV show Daar Ughad Baye has become popular due to its gripping storyline. The show is now going to take an exciting turn soon in the Maha episode. The Maha episode will air on Sunday at 7PM. Rubel Das-Sweta Bhattacharya starrer ‘Jamuna Dhaki’ gets a Marathi remake as Daar Ughad Baya
  • We have seen in the previous episodes that Raosaheb Nagarkar pretends to do the preparation of Sarang and Mukta's marriage. On the occasion of a party, Mukta and Sarang exchanged rings. Renuka asked Mukta to play the sambal in front of everyone at the party, which left Mukta disappointed. Mukta remembered her childhood and played the sambal in that memory. Suddenly Mukta disappeared after the party. Later, Yuvraj and Dutta took Mukta away and locked her in a hidden room. Mukta realizes that everything that has happened in the past few days is just drama.
  • In the upcoming episode, the marriage of Mukta and Sarang will be fixed. Raosaheb will be playing tricks to prevent Mukta from reaching Sarang and for this, he will keep Mukta in a room where Bhairu will also trouble her. Although Raosaheb imprisoned Mukta, she escaped with the help of her Sambal. By the time of marriage, the women, who were present at the wedding, will play sambal and request the mother goddess so that her Mukta would reach the palace and she and Sarang would get married. Will Mukta reach Sarang after facing all the difficult situations? Will Sarang also know about Nagarkar's plan? Will Sarang and Mukta succeed in getting married? It is going to be exciting for the audience to watch.
  • Rubel Das-Sweta Bhattacharya starrer ‘Jamuna Dhaki’ gets a Marathi remake as Daar Ughad Baya
  • The remake is based on a similar theme with a few minor changes keeping the regional flavour in mind.
About the Show:

  • Daily soap ‘Jamuna Dhaki’, starring Sweta Bhattacharya and Rubel Das as the lead pair, had managed to pique the entertain the audience with its high-octane drama.
  • After a successful run of two years, ‘Jamuna Dhaki’ ended its journey on Bengali small screen in July.
  • Interestingly, the Bengali daily soap has now got a Marathi version too, which was launched yesterday (September 19).
New Star Cast:
  • Marathi TV show ‘Daar Ughad Baya’, starring Saaniya Chaudhari, Kishori Ambiye and Roshan Vichare in prominent roles, is the official remake of ‘Jamuna Dhaki’. 

  • According to the story, in ‘Daar Ughad Baya’, female protagonist Mukta plays Sambal, a folk membranophone instrument from Western India.
  • But the villagers are against her because the instrument is mostly played by men.
  • How Mukta faces hurdles in a male-dominated society and follows her passion, forms the main crux of the story.
  • Male protagonist Sarang’s character is played by Roshan, who is a popular Marathi actor. Just like how Sangeet encouraged his lady love to pursue her dreams, Sarang will stood by Mukta in ‘Daar Ughad Baya’.
Other Languages:
  • Prior to this, ‘Jamuna Dhaki’ has been remade in Punjabi as ‘Geet Dholi’ and is enjoying a good viewership.
  • The dubbed version of the Bengali show is also being aired in Odia with a good response. It will be interesting to see how the Marathi one fares on the TRP charts.
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