Marathi TV Show Dar Ughad Baye Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update

Latest Update:
  • The TV show Dar Ughad Baye is a multi-star cast show which is set to entertain the audience. It is the story of a girl who loves to play a folk instrument 'Sambal' and she fights with the people who don't allow her to do so saying it's an instrument played by males. Actress Saaniya Chaudhari, who rose to fame with Sang Tu Aahes Ka, will be seen playing a lead.
  • Saaniya Chaudhari reveals she took professional training to play Sambhal for TV show Dar Ughad Baye. Several new TV serials and reality shows are all set to launch soon to entertain Marathi viewers. Now yet another new upcoming show will be seen treating the audience. The new show 'Dar Ughad Baye' is going to launch on 19th September and it will feature popular celebrities in the show.
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  • It is the story of a girl who loves to play a folk instrument 'Sambal' and she fights with the people who don't allow her to do so saying it's an instrument played by males.
  • The show has a unique concept. The makers recently shared their first promo featuring lead actress Saaniya Chaudhari. Saaniya has put a lot of effort to play her character efficiently on-screen and underwent rigorous training to play musical instrument, Sambhal for this role and shared her experience with us.
  • Saaniya said, "I took the training with proper manners. I learned how to play Sambhal professionally. It is a task but I had put a lot of effort." Saaniya further spoke about the storyline and how the instrument is connected to the show. She said, “I am playing the role of Mukta who is learning the art of playing the Sambhal to save her house. Mukta lives in a village where seeing a girl playing Sambhal is considered a bad omen. Not only in that village but in many villages in Maharashtra, it is still not acceptable for girls to play Sambhal. 'Dar Ughad Baye' will highlight the struggle of a poor but courageous girl who fights against the male-dominated culture in her village."
Star Cast:
  • The show will feature many popular actors. Actor Roshan Vichare will play the male lead in the show.
  • Actors like Sharad Ponkshe, Suhas Paranjpe, Kishori Ambiye, and Ruchira Jadhav will be seen playing pivotal roles on-screen. 

  • Roshan Vichare
    recently made his comeback on TV with the show Dar Ughad Baye. Roshan has worked before in several shows and films and impressed everyone with his acting skills. Now, the actor is seen in a different avatar in the show Dar Ughad Baye and he shared his excitement with us. Talking about his role as Sarang, Roshan said, "I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work in the show Dar Ughad Baye. After watching the promo of this show, the curiosity of the audience must have increased. Talking about this serial and my role, I am playing a character named Sarang in the show. Sarang belongs to a respectable family living in Ahmednagar, he loves his country very much and he is a family-oriented boy. Even though his father is quite strict, Sarang is very open about his opinion. But he respects everyone while sharing his opinion. I am so excited to work in front of the audience as Sarang. I am working hard for this role so that I can entertain the audience and hope that the audience will love the show.”
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