Mayuri Kyatari TOP 10 Controversies, Unknown Facts, Bigg Boss Kannada 9 Contestant, Full Journey


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  • Mayuri Kyatari gets offended by Neha Gowda's comment; gets emotional
    , The equations between the Bigg Boss Kannada season 9 contestants seem to be changing with each passing day. With hardly a week inside the Bigg Boss house, the housemates are already going through a lot of misunderstandings with one another. The latest episode of the reality show witnessed one such incident between two good friends who have known each other for a very long time now. Actress Mayuri Kyatari was seen sobbing over an apparently casual comment passed by Neha Gowda about the former's eating habit. Mayuri Kyatari got offended when Neha Gowda casually mentioned that the former always visits the kitchen first, eats her share of food, and then again enters the kitchen at the end to have another round of food. Mayuri took this statement a little too personally. Although Mayuri mentioned that she usually eats only when she is hungry, the actress could not hold on to her emotions. She averred that she gets conscious henceforth before having her meal. Having said that, Mayuri got teary-eyed. Arun Sagar, who was present when the incident took place consoled Mayuri. However, it did take some time for Mayuri to ease the situation. Later, Neha approached Mayuri to clear the misunderstanding. She mentioned that she had no intentions of hurting Mayuri while making such comments. Neha too got emotional. In the evening, the buddies had a hearty chat with Mayuri mentioning that Neha will always have a special place in her heart.
  • Sudeep welcomes actress Mayuri Kyatari as the second contestant, The actress makes a dashing entry with a dance number, I will miss my young son a lot inside the Bigg Boss house, The actress cuddles her son for one last time before entering the Bigg Boss house
  • Mayuri enters the Bigg Boss house and Meets Arun Sagar and enjoys a candid conversation
About Mayuri Kyatari:
  • Mayuri, the daughter of Kannadigas through Ashwini Nakshatra's serial, took a short break

    after her marriage.
  • After welcoming her first child, the actress is busy with her family life with her son and husband
  • Now the actress has entered the Bigg Boss house and has picked up her son on the stage. Then he entered the house smiling
  • They came inside the house and took off their slippers and first saluted God and started their journey. Guessing the next contestant, the actress also won the bed she wanted.
  • On entering the house suddenly Arun Sagar named Mayuri and the actress got shocked and then laughed out loud.
  • We have to wait and see how the actress will be inside the house, how she will play the game and win the tasks.
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