Telugu TV Show Pallakilo Pellikuthuru Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Exclusive - Nirupam Paritala announces the title of his upcoming TV production 'Pallakilo Pellikuthuru'
About the show:

  • "It's a light-hearted drama in sync with viewers' taste in post COVID era"
  • The new show is touted to be the Telugu remake of the successful Bengali daily soap 'Khurkuto' (2020) with the essential adaptation to suit the taste of the Telugu telly audiences.
  • Nirupam announced the title of the new daily soap, 'Pallakilo Pellikuthuru' which is centered on the marriage of the lead pair, two contrasting personalities hailing from two different worlds.
  • It is a character driven plot with two polar opposite characters getting married. The girl comes from a nuclear family and the guy is brought up in a joint family.
  • The female lead from a disturbed nuclear family gets married into a giant joint family and the consequences form the crux of the plot.
  • Besides the family drama, there is a dash of humour throughout which we wanted to reflect in the teasers as well." Nirupam said
Star Cast:
  • Pallakilo Pellikuthuru features actors Sravan and Aditi in the lead roles.
  • Manjula, Tirupati Prakash, Sushma Kiran and others playing some key roles.
  • Wondering if Nirupam would be a part of it? asked him if he is going to play a cameo in the forthcoming show, Nirupam laughs. He says, "There was a discussion about the same initially but there is no cameo as such as of now." 

Nirupam Paritala's Production House:
  • Nirupam Paritala aka Doctor Babu of Karthika Deepam fame is not only a famed actor but also a TV producer as well.
  • After Prema, Hitler Gaari Pellam, here comes yet another promising daily soap from his production.
  • Talking about the scenario of the TV production lately, Nirupam said, "Yes, it has changed over the years. The audiences are used to refreshing plot points and high production values now.
  • We have to produce high quality outputs within the stipulated budgets and measure up to the expectations of the audiences and broadcasters as well and find a middle ground. However, we are able to pull off with the love of the viewers and support of the TV channels."
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