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Latest Update:
  • Today Episode.
  • Main Hoon Aparajita first episode review: Shweta Tiwari shines in this run-of-the-mill-saga
  • Main Hoon Aparajita is quite a run-of-the-mill saga. The first episode does not offer anything new to the audience in terms of content. There are unrealistic situations created to mount the drama. Aparajita's three daughters take way too long to react when they are teased and taunted by men on the street. Even Aparajita's reunion with Akshay looks abrupt.
Star Cast:

  • Shweta Tiwari
    is back on television after almost two years with daily soap Main Hoon Aparajita where she plays the titular role. The actress, who had set the bar high with her previous show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, does not disappoint with her performance this time as well.
  • Shweta Tiwari, as Aparajita
  • Anushka Merchande as Chhavi
  • Dhwani Gori, as Disha
  • Shruti Choudhary, as Aasha
  • Manav Gohil, as Akshay
  • Shweta Gulati, as Mohini
  • Nishikant Dixit
  • Amita Khopkar
  • The opening scene shows Aparajita, the owner of Asha laundry, taking up an order from a customer who wants clothes the same day for a wedding. She promises to deliver and talks about her three daughters - Chavi, Asha and Disha - who help her with her work.
  • Meanwhile, the three girls are seen getting ready for school anxiously as it's the result day. All three of them have different personalities. While Chavi, who we learn has failed multiple times in the same class, is meek and submissive, Asha and Disha are relatively more confident. Their Dadi also lives with them and all of them are shown to share a close bond with each other.
  • In several recaps and conversations, viewers are told how Aparajita's husband Akshay (Manav Gohil) left her for another woman, giving society a reason to taunt the family time and again. For instance, their neighbour Pappi comes to taunt them after Chavi fails her exam yet again. She also talks about Aparajit's husband leaving them.
  • Aparajita stands solid by all her daughters and fights the world. She gives it back to Pappi. Even Disha ends up beating the men who tease Chavi and mock their mother's failed marriage while they are on their way to deliver the clothes at the wedding venue.
  • Later, Akshay is shown to return to Aparajita's life after 15 years. There's no trace of love in their reunion, rather the two are quite cold to each other.
  • However, Shweta Tiwari manages to hold the show and shines in it. She is the one who stands tall against all odds and does not give in. It still remains to be seen what Manav Gohil's character has to offer to the viewers. Overall, it makes for just about an average watch.
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