Vinod Gobbaragola TOP 10 Controversies, Unknown Facts, Bigg Boss Kannada 9 Contestant, Full Journey

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  • Majja Bharatha fame Vinod Gobbaragola enters the stage as the next contestant
  • Vinod Gobbaragala of 'Maja Bharat', 'Dancing Champion' and 'Gicchi Giligili' show has entered Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9.
  • At a young age, I was like the village master Kapperaya. Everyone who saw this movie in Namur thought I was a frog. I told you not to do this before. Vinod Gobbaragala said in front of Kichcha Sudeep, "After watching the movie, I also got Kapperaya tara edini anta anta edini, I was quiet." Vinod said, "I like to be manure inside the Bigg Boss house. Don't turn manure into a tiger. If you put too much manure into the pyru, the pyru will burn."
  • Vinod said, "I am always happy. Only when I am happy, people can also be happy and smile."  Vinod said, "It's been 7 years since I left home and came to Bangalore. My mother used to cry whenever she saw me when I was away from home.
  • When Maja India talent Manju Pavagada entered the Bigg Boss house, Vinod said, "Manju, who was with us, entered the house. We are proud of him." Now, Vinod has entered the Bigg Boss Kannada season 9 show.
  • Vinod, who was the winner of Gichi Gilgili show recently, has entered another reality show called Bigg Boss. Vinod participated in the Gichi Gili Gili show with Jogi Sunita and made the audience laugh. Vinod hails from Gobbarala town in Mandya district. As if they kept the name of the town as Gobaragala next to their name. No one knows what Vinod means, only if you say manure, you can understand it, Vinod said
  • No one should say anything but me to Jogi Sunitari: 'Gicchi Giligili' Vinod Gobragal
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  • Majja Bharatha fame Vinod Gobbaragola enters the stage as the next contestant
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