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  • Archana Gautam tells Salman she wants to marry a politician, not find love in the houseArchana Gautam tells Salman she should also avoid getting married and live tension-free and bindaas like him 

  • Bigg Boss 16 contestant Archana Gautam; Here’s all you need to know about the Congress MLA 
About The Show:

  • Name: Archana Gautam,
    Occupation: Model, Politician and Actor
  • Claim to fame: Miss Bikini India
  • Archana Gautam, who is known for her beauty titles and political background, entered the Bigg Boss 16 house. She has not only made a mark in the modelling industry but also in the acting and political filed. The 27-year-old model won Miss Uttar Pradesh in 2014. However, that wasn't all, the actress continued to make her mark in the industry and achieve several titles and became Miss Bikini India.
  • Hailing from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, the model has completed her studies in mass communication from her home town. Archana always wanted to be in the glamour industry. She tried her luck in acting as well and appeared in the Bollywood movie ‘Great Grand Masti’ as Gaav Ki Goori. Not many noticed her back them, but ever since she has been trending for Bigg Boss 16, fans are appreciating her appearance in the movie.
  • Archana has appeared in several music videos like Haale Dil, Nasha Zaada, Buggu Oye and others as well. She has been appreciated for her charming looks and fit body ever since. Archana, didn’t fail to explore her career graph and attempted in politics as well. She contestated during Uttar Pradesh elections in 2021.
  • In 2018, Archana represented India at Miss Cosmos India 2018 and won the title. Even though she is loved by the audience already for her charismatic looks, it will be very interesting to watch her real side on the show. 
Interviews, Questions and Answers:
  • When the show came to me I was very confused. Because I have just stepped into politics and fought election at the age of 26, so I was worried about my image on the show. I can come across negatives or positives on the show and which might not be beneficial for my political career. Then I took advise from Priyanka (Vadra) didi and others and they told me that the audience should get to know who the real me is and only then they will vote for me. Janta ko excitement hota hai ke Humara neta kaisa Ho… so I am just going inside to show the country how I am in real life.
  • ​I have an experience of dealing with notorious people, When I joined politics I was very new and during that time there were people who came to me and I had to intervene to solve their problems like robbery, extortion. Recently, someone fired a bullet at someone and kiled that person and was absconding, I got that person arrested. So, I have an experience of dealing with notorious people outside the house, I am very confident I can handle the fights and controversies inside the house as well. Main toh bahut khatarnak cases handle kar chuki hoon. I have full faith that the audience will support me.
  • ​Youth should join politics and my party was very supportive, I want to inspire the youth to join politics so that we can bring a change in the system and society. Today’s youth is very smart and truthful. My party was very supportive and the people from the party are very proud that I am going inside the house.
  • ​Main koi amir baap ki beti nahi, I am a farmer’s daughter, I am very confident about my food and I cook really well. Main koi ameer baap ki beti nahi. I am a farmer’s daughter and I have always done my own work. I am used to doing all the household chores and I don’t feel I’ll become a small person if I the daily jobs inside the Bigg Boss house.
  • ​I want to get married to an MP and big leader, I want to stay away from love. I don’t want people from my constituency making comments on me that I went inside the Bigg Boss house to fall in love. I will control myself so that I don’t get attracted to anyone because I get attached to people easily. I want to get married to an MP and a big leader. Arre bezzati ho jaayegi yaar Mujhe nahi karna pyaar Vyaar.
  • I don’t mind sharing my things with others, I am fine with sharing my stuff with anyone. I not one of those typical girls who have problems in sharing stuff with others. I don’t mind sharing my things with other housemates. (Photo: Instagram)
  • I have never seen Bigg Boss as a game. I always say main Bigg Boss jaa rahi hoon Abhi Devrani, jethaniyon se baat karungi… ladayi karungi I’ll fight with the contestants who will come inside I consider them as my sisters-in-law’s). Salman Khan ji mere husband hai, I am his with and the other other contestants inside the house will be my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s.
  • My family did not believe that I have got the offer to do Bigg Boss, My family is super happy. Initially, they did not believe that I have got an offer to do Bigg Boss but when they arrived at my place to offer me the show, then they believed that I am actually doing the show.

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