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  • Exclusive: "The audience will know my real side in the show," says Bigg Boss Marathi 4 contestant Yashashree Masurkar
  • Popular actress Yashashree Masurkar was away from Marathi television for the past few years. The actress, who had done several popular Hindi TV shows like Rang Badalti Odhani, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, has now entered the house of Bigg Boss Marathi 4 and made her comeback on Marathi TV. Yashashree is quite delighted to be back on TV with the reality show Bigg Boss Marathi 4. Yashashree spoke exclusively to ETimes TV and shared the strategies that she will be using in the show.
  • Yashashree said, "First of all, I am happy that I am back on Marathi TV. I was a known face on Marathi TV a few years back but I went to Hindi TV and the Marathi audience forgot me. This is the reason I am doing Bigg Boss because I want the Marathi people to remember me always."
  • Yashashree further said that she has a few plans but she has not decided on her strategies yet. She said, "I have not decided on any strategies yet because I have decided to react to the situation. Also, I have observed that the one who makes plans beforehand never wins the show so I think people will see my honest reactions in the show."
  • Yashashree also added that she wants people to know her real side. She said, "I will be honest. I don't want to behave or react in the house wearing a mask. I want people to know what my real side is. I have seen the previous three seasons and those, who have given their honest opinions and reactions, have made it to finale. So, yes, I will be also trying the same."
Yashashri Masurkar aka Khanak of Star One's popular show Rang Badalti Odhani converses with Tellybuzz on her birthday..

Happy Birthday Yashashri!!!

Yes it is your dear Khanak aka Yashashri's birthday today and we at Tellybuzz decided that this is the best time to get an interview with her to know her better and also to get her close to her fans.

In an exclusive conversation with Tellybuzz, Yashashri Masurkar the protagonist of Yash Patnaik and Swapna Waghmare Joshi's Star One show Rang Badalti Odhani, opens heart to her fans


What are your plans for the day?
There is nothing special because I am heading for a show in Amaravati where I will be hosting it.

We all love our Shararati Khanak a lot! How is Yashshri in real?
Yashashri in real is just like Khanak who gets emotional for even the slightest of the things and fights with Karan like how Khanak fights with Shaan. But at the same time, she misses him when he is not there on the sets.

Are you a method actor or do you believe in spontaneity while enacting a scene? Moreover, are you a natural actor, or a 'director's actor' as they say?
I am a director's actor now because as I am new to the industry and there is a lot much to learn which according to me is possible by only being a director's actor.

What is your personal opinion about the character of Khanak. What is the strength of Khanak in your view? Name one thing or action you disliked about Khanak!
The character Khanak is really very sweet and I like her very much for her innocence. She cares for everyone and she is always positive about all the things where in she finds a solution for all the problems. But at times I feel why she is so lame and trusts people so easily.

How did you envisage the journey of Khanak right from where it all started?

I would like to say that 'gaon ki ladki shehar mein aake bigad gayi' (laughs). Khanak was really strong when she was in the village and became timid after she came to the city, but gradually the boldness in her is getting back.

How hard is it to portray the role of Khanak and how did you prepare yourself for the character?
Initially it was a little tough for me to get into the character because Khanak is completely a village girl who has the innocence in her speech and her expressions. To get ourselves into the show and the backdrop, we underwent a workshop wherein we had to do a lot of meditation. With meditation we mentally carried ourselves into the village and prepared for the respective characters.

There have been switch of character in the journey of Khanak from the village to the city, was the transformation difficult?

Not at all and I felt it easy to blend in the character with the language.

Can you share any memorable sequences from the show?
Memorable sequences are many for me in the show, but to specify one, the death scene of Sooraj was really emotional. The scene was Sooraj (Harpreet) was on pyre after his death. Everyone was really upset and tears were shed because the character of Sooraj was coming to an end and by then we all had got along very well.

Describe some scenes from Rang De Badlati Odhani, you felt were difficult as well as easy to shoot, and which scenes did you feel extremely satisfied with post shooting?
I am happy with all my scenes in the show but since I am a hydrophobic person, the scene wherein I had to fall in the pool was really difficult for me to do.

What kind of scenes (romantic, Intense, Sad or happy) do you like performing more and with whom?
I like to perform light scenes wherein there are small fights between Shaan (Karan Tacker) and Khanak. Also I like to shoot with Manish Raisinghania and Jas Karan Singh as they both are really cooperative and very sweet, ever ready to help at any time. The master shots, wherein we all have to give the shot without cut, were great fun to do. Jas Karan creates an energy on the sets that get the others also geared up and the way he delivers all his scenes are great.

Since it is a youth based show, there have been certain ******** scenes between Khanak and Shaan. How comfortable were you doing such scenes?
I was completely uncomfortable while doing the lip lock scene and I had asked my mom not to see the episode and also asked here to tell my brother to get himself locked up in the room. The scene was uncomfortable for both Karan and me, but after that the first night scene was similar to what we used to do.

How is your rapport with the other cast of the show?
Initially I was a bit reluctant when the scene shifted from village to the city because everybody had already done scenes together and knew each other very well. But gradually even I gelled with them and now we are like a family on the sets.

Who is your role model in this industry that you totally look up to?
Everybody knows this answer and it is none other than Madhuri Dixit and I saw her for the first time on the sets of Jhalak when she shot for her initial dance sequence. It was like a dream come true for me where she was dancing for her tracks in front of me, but I didn't get a chance to interact with her.

What's the best compliment that you've ever heard about you from your most loved ones?
All my fans always compliment about my smile and say that I should never allow it to fade away from my face and always ask me to smile.

How do you feel being criticized?
I always take criticisms as a part of my job because it is always good to be criticized and criticisms are necessary for an actor to grow in the industry. I am always regular in Facebook and read and also respond to comments in India-Forums. I request all my fans to provide suggestions to improve along with the good comments that they give.

What is your dream role?
When you are an actor at heart you feel like doing all the good roles in films and recently I watched a movie called Ramchand Pakistani in which Nandita Das was the protagonist who acted the mother of Ramchand. The role that she played was outstanding and I wish to do such a role in future.

If you could choose, name three Film and TV actors you would really want to work with?

I would love to work with Mr Amitabh bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah and Boman Irani in films and in television I would love to work with Ratan Rajput, Rati Pandey and Neil Bhatt.

Which is your favorite Marathi film? And would you consider doing a Marathi film if offered one?
I do not like Marathi masala movies but do love to watch and be a part of Marathi art movies. In future, if I get an offer to do an art movie in Marathi, I would definitely like to do it.

Every girl has a dream about her prince charming. What are the qualities you want in your dream man?
He should be an artiste at heart and understanding and committed to me and at the same time good looking too. I do not mind if the person is not so financially sound.

What is the naughtiest thing you have done in your childhood?

I never played pranks on my friends as I was very studious in school. But I remember a certain incident that happened with me during the IX send-off party wherein I had to deliver a speech on stage. It so happened that I forgot my lines in the middle of the speech and started crying which turned out to be an overwhelming one because of the situation.

What is the wildest thing you have ever done on your birthday or any time?
Last year during my birthday I was with my friends in a car and the friend who was driving did not have any license. I spent my birthday in the police station giving autographs to people there.

Which is the best birthday gift that you received till date?
I got the biggest and the best birthday gift of my life today morning when my mother kissed me on my forehead wishing me.
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