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  • Aniyathipraavu: Sreekanth is shattered by Sreelekshmi's words, The heart-touching tale of a brother and sister, 'Aniyathipraavu' is winning hearts. However, the recent episodes seem to have surprised the viewers as the siblings had a fall out.
  • In the episode, Sreekanth was seen apologizing to Renjith for slapping the latter's father. But, Renjith is adamant about not responding to Sreekanth. Further, Sreekanth tends to fall on Renjith's feet and Sreelekshmi stops him. She lashes out at him for troubling Renjith. Sreelekshmi slams Sreekanth for slapping her father-in-law and she also warns him not to interfere in her family matters. Shattered by his sister's words, Sreekanth leaves the temple.
  • Sreekanth reaches his house and everyone enquires about what happened at the temple. He tells them that Sreelekshmi has hurt him with her words.
  • On the other hand, at her house, Sreelekshmi is crying after hurting her brother. She takes one of Sreekanth's photos in hand and weeps in front of the same. She apologizes to Sreekanth for hurting him and says that she didn't have any other choice but to do it. She also says that it was to protect his honor in front of her in-laws. Renjith enters the room and he notices Sreelekshmi upset. But, he decides not to talk to her and he leaves the room. He also ends up in a fight with his mother. Kamala consoles him and asks Maya to serve him lunch.
About the Show:
  • 'Aniyathipraavu' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Aradhaya, Deva, Yamuna,Vishva, and Kottayam Rasheed playing the lead roles.
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