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  • Kanalpoovu: Pappi gets suspicious over Janani

  • The popular show 'Kanalpoovu' is winning hearts with its interesting storyline. It seems like Pappi is suspicious over Janani's change in behavior.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Pappi is seen having a conversation with Sethu. She says she feels something is wrong between Hari and Janani. But, Sethu denies having any such issues. But, Pappi is sure that her daughter is going through a tough time.
  • Meanwhile, Suji overhears the conversation and enters the scene. She tells Pappi that there are no problems between Hari and Janani. She clarifies that Janani is busy after joining the business and she is just having some work tensions. However, Pappi is not convinced by Suji's clarification either. Later, Sethu says that he is sure that Janani is not having any issues with Hari. He also shares that they might be having some cute fights and it is common among married couples.
  • Meanwhile, Janani and her sister come to enter the house and everyone notices that the former is very happy. Sethu tells his younger daughter to learn to be smart like Janani. He tells that his smart girl is currently the MD of one of the popular business firms. However, Janani is worried by her father's words.
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