Malayalam TV Show Rani Raja Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Episode Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Kallu and Aami take care of Dasan; Sudha is upset with her husband's condition
  • Archana Kavi's Rani Raja has managed to get attention within no time. After the introductory sequence, the show is showcasing some serious emotional angles and viewers are enjoying the same too.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Dasa, who is bedridden after a road accident, is struggling to recover from the bed. As he tries to get up, he suffers a cramp and falls back on the bed. Seeing this, Sudha gets upset and leaves the room.
  • Meanwhile, Aami enters the room and pacifies her father. She reminds him that he is improving well. Then, both Aami and Kallu help him get up and they serve him water.
  • Later, Aami meets Sudha, who is sitting on the Veranda. She asks Sudha why she didn't cry seeing Dasan in this tough situation. Sudha replies she doesn't want him to think that she is weak. She also says she has to handle everything till the time he is okay. Sudha also criticizes Aami for creating a scene at the hospital. She asks why Aami accused Rishi of Dasan's accident.
  • Meanwhile, Aami recollects the scene of Rishi's friend confessing of planning the road accident. However, Aami lies to Sudha that Rishi had earlier threatened her hence she suspected him.
New Story:
  • 'Rani Raja' portrays the life of Aami, a freewheeling, independent lady, who is a guest lecturer by profession.
  • The serial showcases the interesting story of how this progressive, bold girl falls in love with a misogynist.
New Star Cast:

  • Archana Kavi
    , the show has Tamil actor Darnish, Poojitha Menon, and Manju Satheesh playing meaty roles.
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