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  • Thambi registers the shop on Appu's name, Hari upset about his father-in-law's crooked plan,
    Chippy Renjith and Rajeev Parameshwar starrer Santhwanam continues to hook fans to the TV screens with its engaging storyline. After tasting failure in most of his plans against Balan and his family, Thambi is back with another idea.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Thambi visits the Santhwanam family and gives a property document to Balan. He asks Balan to read the same and reveal it to the current owner of the shop. Surprised after reading the document, Balan shares that Thambi has purchased the shop on Appu's name. Thambi shares that he wished to surprise everyone and that he actually wanted to buy it for Hari but was doubtful if he would accept it.
  • Later, Hari and Appu are seen having a conversation about Thambi. Hari is upset that Appu is not understanding Thambi's crooked plans. Appu says it is sad that Hari is not understanding her dad. Further, Hari meets Shivan and discusses the situation. He says that he is furious with Thambi for spoiling their plan to get the shop on Balan's name. Meanwhile, Balan overhears the conversation and he consoles the brothers. He reminds them that no one can beat their dedication and hard work.
  • Santhwanam is one of the top-rated shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Chippy Renjith, Rajeev Parameshwar, Sajin, Gopika Anil, Girish Nambiar, and others playing the lead characters
  • Santhwanam continues to be the most-watched show on Malayalam TV, Sajin - Gopika Anil starrer, 'Santhwanam' continues to be the most-watched show on Malayalam TV. The show, which was seen ruling the rating charts for the last couple of weeks, is currently progressing with an intriguing storyline. In the show, Thambi can be seen dividing Santhwanam house as per the property share. Meera Vasudevan's 'Kudumbavilakku' also stays in the second spot in the rating charts. Besides Meera, the show has KK Menon, Ashwathy, and Noobin playing meaty roles.
  • 'Santhwanam' completes one year: Gopika Anil pens a heartfelt thanks note "One year of SANTHWANAM. It feels like yesterday. Even today, after a year i feel the same, which i had on my first day of santhwanam And i thank Renjith sir, Aadithyan sir @aadithyan.sheji, chippy chechi @chippy.renjith and saji chettan @sajisurya_official for giving me a chance to portray the character "ANJALI" I can't miss mentioning @aadithyan.sheji sir for his oneline and making.. And @joypallassery J pallassery sir for his script..! I thank our dop @alexuthomas and ast. Dop @alex___jose_edapparaI thank @saanand_george for beautiful background scores, Without which the scenes are incomplete...!" she wrote.
  • Family drama, 'Santhwanam' bagged the second position in the rating charts. The show currently progresses with the misunderstanding between Shivan and Anjali. Chippy Renjith, Rajeev Parameshwar, Sajin, Gopika Anil, Raksha, and Girish Nambiar play the lead roles in the show.
  • Actress-producer Chippy Renjith on 'Santhwanam': Strong storyline and the team's hard work are our secrets to success
About the show:
  • Santhwanam is an Indian Malayalam-language TV drama airing on Asianet and streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The series is a remake of the Tamil series Pandian Stores. The show has highest Trp ratings. The pair of Sajin and Gopika Anil known as "Shivanjali" is most popular.
  • "Santhwanam is the story of everyone who loves their family and cherishes their memories. Even though you get busy with your life, you always yearn to get back home. We try to portrait the same in the show. Thanks to the realistic writing of J Pallasery sir and the visualisation of director Adithyan, it is a feel-good show for everyone. In short, the secret of success is nothing but the strong storyline and the hard work of the team," she added.
  • In the Town of Ambalathara, there is a Grocery Store Named Krishna Stores, the four sons of Krishnan and Lakshmi run the store. Due to the financial crisis, Krishnan ****s Himself, Krishnan’s elder son Balakrishnan marries Devi.
  • Balakrishnan and the other three sons (Hari, Shivan, and Kannan) of Krishnan and Laksmi operate combined the store. The serial Progressing with, Hari and Aparna’s marriage, Shivan and Anjali’s marriage, and related issues.
Star Cast:
  • Rajeev Parameshwar as Balakrishnan (a.k.a. "Balan") -Balan is the eldest son of Lakshmi and Krishnan, and the elder brother of Hari, Shivan, Kannan. He is the current head of the Santhwanam Family and the main operator of Krishna Stores. He is Devi's husband, and always expresses his regret that Devi doesn't bear children because of him.He also leads the financial matters of the Krishna Stores.He is a Pre-Degree Graduate
  • Chippy Renjith as Sreedevi Balakrishnan (a.k.a. "Devi") Devi is Sethu's sister and Balan's wife. She is Hari, Shiva, and Kannan's sister-in-law, which makes her Lakshmi's eldest daughter-in-law. She is characterised as a sweet, talented. Viewers see her as a very lovable and sacrificial person who takes care of her in-laws. She sometimes helps Balan out at Krishna Stores.He is a B.Com graduate with First Class.
  • Girish Nambiar as Harikrishnan (a.k.a. "Hari") Hari is the second oldest son of Lakshmi and Krishnan, and Appu's husband. He is an MBA Graduate. He is shown to support the Santhwanam family more than his wife Aparna in all circumstances.
  • Raksha Raj as Aparna Harikrishnan (a.k.a. "Appu") Appu is Hari's wife and Thampi's daughter. She is also a Master's degree holder. She is shown to love her father and her husband more than her life. After some difficulty, she adjusted to the lifestyle of the Santhwanam family.
  • Sajin as Shivaramakrishnan (a.k.a. "Shivan") Shivan is the third son of Lakshmi and Krishnan, as well as Anju's husband. He is a meritorious student. Due to their family's circumstances, he only studied until matriculation. He always has a local dressing style and does not like to wear formal clothes. Like his mother, he hates Savitri and Jayanthi. He is shown to have a better memory than his other brothers. He loves Anjali but is struggling to express it.He is the least educated of the 4 Santhwanam Brothers.
  • Dr. Gopika Anil as Anjali Shivaramakrishnan (a.k.a. "Anju") Anju is the daughter of Shankaran and Savitri, as well as Shivan's wife. She loves Shiva but struggles to express it. She is a B.Com graduate. She has always dreamt of becoming a member of Santhwanam Family.
  • Achu Sugandh as Muralikrishnan (a.k.a. "Kannan") Kannan is the youngest son of Lakshmi and Krishnan. He is a college student. He is talkative, childish and naughty.This made him as the cutest member of the family. His most favorite brother is Shivan.
  • Girija Preman as Lakshmi is Shankaran's sister. She is also Krishnan's widow and is the mother of Balan, Hari, Shivan, and Kannan. She is the mother-in-law of Devi, Appu, and Anjali. She is also Anjali's aunt. She hates Savitri, her sister-in-law, and Jayanthi, Savitri's niece. She hated Devi for a few days after her marriage to Balan; she also briefly hated Appu for causing a scene in the marriage hall. She is a paralyzed woman.
Chippy Renjith
Role: Leading female role, Devi wife of the leading character Balakrishnan. She takes care of Hari, Shiva, Kannan.
Quick Biography
Complete NameChippy Renjith
Date of BirthJune 01-1976
Age45 Years
ProfessionActor, Producer
Best PerformancePadheyam, Aaduthoma
Rajeev Parameshwar

Role: Leading Male Role as Balakrishnan aka Balan, the eldest son of Krishnan and Lakshmi. Operate Krishnan Stores along with brothers Hari, Shiva, and Kannan. The main voice of the family.
Quick Biography
Complete NameRajeev Parameshwar
Date of BirthJune 09-1977
Age43 Years
ProfessionActor, Model
Best PerformanceBalan-Santhwanam
Gopika Anil

Role: Gopika Anil as Anjali Shivaramakrishnan aka Anju. Anju is the daughter of Savithri and Shankaran. Anjali marries Shiva.
Quick Biography
Complete NameDr. Gopika Anil
Date of BirthNot Known
Age25 Years
Best PerformanceAnjali-Santhwanam
Sajin TP

Role: Sajin TP as Shivaramakrishnan. Anjali’s Husband and third son of Krishnan and Lakshmi.
Quick Biography
Complete NameSajin TP
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceShiva-Santhwanam
Raksha Raj

Role: Raksha Raj as Aparna Harikrishnan aka appu. She marries Hari, Struggling to adjust to the lifestyle of Santhwanam Family.
Quick Biography
Complete NameRaksha Raj
Date of BirthJanuary 01-1988
Age33 Years
Best PerformancePandiyoda Galatta Thaangala
Girish Nambiar

Role: Girish Nambiar as Hari, the second eldest son of Krishnan, marries Aparna. Though he is graduated, he helps to elder brother Balan in Krishnan Stores.
Quick Biography
Complete NameGirish Nambiar
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceHarikrishnan-Santhwanam
Girija Preman

Role: Shankaran’s Sister, the mother of Balan, Hari, Shiva, and Kannan.
Quick Biography
Complete NameGirija Preman
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceLakshmi-Santhwanam
Achu Sugandh

Role: Achu Sugandh as Kannan, the youngest son of Krishnan and Laksmi. Talkative and funny character in the Santhwanam family.
Quick Biography
Complete NameAchu Sugandh
Date of BirthSeptember 02-1996
Age24 Years
Best PerformanceKannan-Santhwanam
Divya Binu

Role: Divya Binu as Savithri Shankaran, mother of Anjali. A character with a negative touch.
Quick Biography
Complete NameDivya Binu
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
ProfessionActress, Voice Over Artist
Best PerformanceSavithri-Santhwanam
Bijesh Avanor
Role: Bijesh Avanoor as Sethu, Devi’s Brother, and Jayanthi’s Husband.
Complete NameBijesh Avanoor
Date of BirthJanuary 26,(year unknown)
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceSethu-Santhwanam
Yathi Kumar

Role: Yathikumar as Shankaran. Laksmi’s Brother, Savithri’s Husband, Anju’s Father. Attached with Santhwanam family, faces an economic crisis. Borrow a big amount from Thami for his daughter Anjali’s marriage.
Quick Biography
Complete NameYathi Kumar
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceShankaran-Santhwanam
  • The numero uno spot on the TRP charts seems to be the forte of Chippy Renjith and her team. From the musical drama 'Vanambadi' to the recently launched show 'Santhwanam', the team never misses a chance to stay on top of the table. The Chippy Renjith and Rajeev Parameshwar starrer has bagged the apex spot in the recently released TRP chart as well. Just like fans, actress-producer Chippy Renjith is also excited about the success of the show.
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