Malayalam TV Show Swantham Sujatha Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Episode Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Swantham Sujatha: Adam meets Sujatha at the jail

  • Kishor Satya
    and Chandra Lakshman starrer Swantham Sujatha continues to entertain the fans with an engaging storyline. The show currently has Sujatha deciding to stay away from Adam.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Adam reaches the jail to meet Sujatha. He enquires about her health and initiates a conversation about his mother. He narrates how his mother Sara Ammachi used to dress up like an old woman to protect her family. He says she used to dye her hair and wear old clothes so that no one comes to her with any bad intentions. Confused by Adam's words, Sujatha asks why he is explaining it to her. However, Sujatha reminds him that it was because of Sara Ammachi that she started noticing Adam. She also shares that it was to fulfill Sara Ammachi's wish to see a grandchild that she decided to be a surrogate mother for Adam's baby.
  • Further in the conversation, Sujatha requests Adam not to meet her ever again since it is creating issues between him and Ayesha. When Adam tries to defend himself, Sujatha reiterates that Prakash is her husband and that she will do anything to secure her family. Adam requests her not to strain much and reminds her that she is the mother of his baby. But, Sujatha is adamant that she needs to keep a distance from Adam.
About the Show:
  • 'Swantham Sujatha' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV.
  • The show has Chandra Lakshman, Kishor Satya, Tosh Christy, and others playing the lead roles.
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