Malayalam TV Show Nammal Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Episode Written Update


Latest Updates:
  • Today Episode:

  • Shivada lies to Indraja about the recording, Vaiga supports her,
    The newly launched show 'Nammal' has managed to grab the attention of viewers within the initial weeks of the telecast. After the entry of the main protagonist Jeevan, it seems like the show is progressing to an engaging plot of the show.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Shivada is spotted talking to her father's photo. She says that she is going to break a promise to her mother and requests her father to support her. Meanwhile, Indraja overhears Shivada's words and questions her. Indraja asks why Shivada is seeking blessings from her father when she is going for tuition. Shivada lies that she has a test in class. Indraja says she is also going with Shivada to meet her teacher. Shivada gets shocked and tries to stop Indraja. But, she shouts at Shivada and asks her to get into the car.
  • This week's TRP ratings are interesting. The premiere of the new show 'Nammal' has clearly created some impact. The Muktha and Arun Ghosh starrer is a high school drama that deals with the lives of a group of teenagers.

  • Gayathri enters a battle against Jeeva; Shivada remains silent,
    The newly launched show, 'Nammal' has managed to grab the attention of the telly audience with the premiere episode. The first episode of the show gave a glimpse of the suspense-filled upcoming episodes.
  • In the episode, Gayathri meets her daughter Shivada, who is under medical treatment for mental instability. She requests Shivada to talk to her but the latter remains silent. Gayathri says that the case will be called off if Shivada doesn't give her statement. Hearing this, Shivada hands over a sorry note to Gayathri and asks her to give it to the advocate.
  • Later, Gayathi discusses Shivada's condition with the caretakers. The caretaker shares that it is a good sign that Shivada has started reacting to things. However, Gayathri says that she will not spare Jeeva for running her daughter's life. She also tells that no one will be able to save Jeeva, neither money nor his popularity.
  • The next day, a goon, Giri, enters Gayathri's house. Her family gets shocked to see Giri, but she invites him. In her chat with the goon, Gayathri tells Giri that the assignment she has given him is very important. She also promises that she will take care of the legal proceedings. Giri takes the money given by Gayathri and promises to complete the work soon.
    The actress Muktha starrer portrays the life of a bunch of teenagers and how their lives change after the entry of a popular musician. The show also marked the comeback of actor Arun Ghosh. New high school drama 'Nammal' set to entertain.
  • New high school drama 'Nammal' set to entertain.
  • The show will premiere on Monday (December 5).

  • After a brief gap, the Malayalam TV audience shall witness the fun and drama inside a school campus. The show titled 'Nammal' will soon premiere on TV and the teaser is already creating a buzz.
New Story, Plot:
  • The show revolves around the life of 6 friends who are studying at Rights Public school.
  • Along with their friendship and love, their commitment towards society makes them stand out from others. However, their lives take an unexpected turn with the entry of Jeevan Prakash, a musician. How Jeeva influences these kids and their lives forms the crux of the story.
New Star Cast, Crew:
  • The star cast of the show has already caught the attention of the viewers. Actors Muktha, Arun Ghosh, Isha, Amarnath, and others will be joined by some new faces in the show.
  • Talking about the show, director Shiju Aroor shared that it will be a new experience for the viewers.
  • "Teenage is one of the turning points in one's life. Each experience during this age shapes an individual. The show portrays the lives of a bunch of teenagers, what they experience in life and how it molds their future," he said.
  • For the unversed, the show also marks the TV comeback of actor Arun Ghosh, who was on a sabbatical from the industry. After 'Koodathyi', actress Muktha is also back on TV in a lead role.
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