OMG Phones allowed in Bigg Boss OTT 3

Phones allowed in Bigg Boss

India's biggest digital entertainment phenomenon Bigg Boss OTT makes a  grand return for Season 3 with host Anil Kapoor; welcomes 6 sponsors -  India Communication Forum 

Anil Kapoor says, 'Kya awaaz hai Bigg Boss'. BB replies, "Issi awaaz se ghar chalta hai." Anil sits in the confession room and asks if phones are allowed. Bigg Boss says that the house will still have same rules. BB says, 'Bahar ka information ayega, but it will be accessible to only person. There will be special agent hidden as a contestant. He will be ghar ki bhedi."'

Anil Kapoor reveals phones are allowed in the house but with a TWIST

With the smashing beginning, Anil Kapoor starts his journey into the Bigg Boss house with the confession room. The actor asks Bigg Boss to make a confession, he asks if the Mobile phones are allowed. Bigg Boss says, 'Yes, this time with new rules, the new change mobile phones will be allowed in the house but not everyone will have access to this. This will come in the house with a twist. There will be an outsider in the house and this outsider will be the bridge between Bigg Boss and the contestants.' Anil Kapoor then says, "This time, with the new twists, mobile phones will come inside the house but with a new member. This member will be the eyes of Bigg Boss inside the house. Ghar ke andar hoga koi bahar waala, jisko milegi bahar ki khabrein aur yeh karke Bigg Boss ne toda hai apne 17 saalon ka stereotype. Ab record ho ya stereotype, waha AK toh hota hai."

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Sana Sultan is janta ki agent

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Anil Kapoor informs that Sana Sultan will be janta ki agent and he will play for janta. The audience will keep informing her and helping her in every step. However, the only condition being that she won't be able to reveal the information inside the house.

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