TOP 10 Controversies of Chandrika Dixit aka ‘Viral Vada Pav Girl’

Chandrika Dixit gets evicted from the show, while leaving she says, 'Mera dil toota hai...'

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Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been engaging viewers since it began airing. The show has kept viewers interested, and today, on the third Weekend Ka Vaar, another competitor was evicted. One of the show's most controversial and talked-about participants, Chandrika Dixit, also known as the Viral Vada Pav Girl, was evicted this week.

According to reports, Chandrika Dixit was one of the first few contestants to be locked in for Bigg Boss OTT 3, but it appears that she did not deliver as much content and drama as promised. This week, Baharwala Lovekesh Kataria, Vishal Pandey, Shivani Kumari, and Chandrika Dixit were nominated for elimination, and because Chandrika garnered the fewest votes compared to the other participants, she was shown the departure door of the controversial house. The rest of the candidates responded to Dixit's farewell announcement with different feelings.

Kritika breaks down in tears when Chandrika bids adieu, Shivani then comes and tries to resolve her fights and cries inconsolably. Chandrika says, 'Tere liye aaj bhi kuch bura nahi sochti hu, par mera dil toota hai. Mere rishte aaj toote hai, mera dil toot gaya.'

Ravi Kishan also appeared on the show and addressed the issue of Shivani Kumari being dubbed 'Badtameez'. He told her that she teases and disrespects others. Kumari burst into tears as she vowed to her mother that she did not intend to offend her elders.

In yesterday's (July 13, 2024) episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Anil Kapoor chastised Chandrika Dixit for taking over other contestants' arguments and attempting to shift the narrative in multiple clashes. The Jhakaas actor told Dixit that she purposefully brought up the matter of Vishal Pandey-Armaan Malik and Kritika Malik and attempted to present it from a different perspective.

Kapoor told the Vada Pav Girl that she has no say in house things and has little of her own identity on the show. He also informed her that she does not cultivate the relationships she has developed in the house.

Narrating why she got into selling vada pav, she said, "Bachpan se vada pav stall lagane ka shauk nih tha. Had to leave job, to attend to son's needs. I had 1-2 months' season, and my mother-in-law taunted me for standing on the road with cart to sell vada pav,"

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Bigg Boss OTT 3 is serving fans with high intensity drama and controversies. Chandrika Dixit aka the viral Vada Pav girl is one of the contestants this season and has been making headlines ever since her entry. The reality show star’s journey has not been all easy and he has been surrounded by controversies quite a lot recently. Here’s a look at her journey and lesser known facts about her..
How Chandrika’s Vada Pav business journey started
Chandrika Dixit faced a tough road from starting a vada pav stall in Delhi to rising as a social media star. She made a decision to leave her job to take care of her family. In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss OTT 3 she mentioned how her son fell sick when she was doing a job at a company. It was during that time when the doctors asked Chandrika to devote her time to the son and hence she opened a food business of her own along with her husband.

The Business
Chandrika started selling vada pav in Sainik Vihar, Delhi. Her stall became famous, drawing in many people who wanted to try her delicious vada pavs from different places. What the customers liked the most was how she sold the Mumbai special Vada Pav in Delhi.

How she rose to major popularity
Chandrika became an internet sensation after food vlogger Amit Jindal highlighted her in a video. The video displayed her s****s and dedication, propelling her to instant fame on social media. She soon started to be known as the ‘Vada Pav girl’ and received immense love and fame on social media.

Social media fame and success
Even with all her success, Chandrika encountered difficulties such as dealing with the harassment and demands for bribes from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials, a common issue faced by many street vendors like her.

Collaborations with fellow stars
Chandrika teamed up with social media stars like 'Dolly Chaiwala' Sunil Patil, YouTuber Sunny Arya, and Puneet Superstar, which really helped her become even more famous.

A shocking revelation
On the 'Bigg Boss' premiere night, Chandrika shocked everyone by revealing that she makes Rs 40,000 every day from her Vada Pav cart. She mentioned how she works hard for her business and is proud of it. Chandrika mentioned, “People think I earn Rs 40,000 per day and yes why not. I work hard, I will enjoy my life and do whatever I want.”

According to the reports, Chandrika Dixit aka Vada Pav girl’s net worth is approximately Rs 1- 1.5 crore. Her main source of income is her business. She recently opened a cafe in Delhi to sell Vada Pav. She also earns through social media campaigns and brand endorsements.

Getting arrested
Chandrika was even arrested once for her illegal Bhandara. Moreover, police said they received complaints from residents about a traffic jam in the area after she organised a bhandara on the roadside. When the police team reached the spot, she misbehaved with the officials, they added. Her stall was seized and she was taken to the police station.

Controversy with Maxtern
Chandrika, who’s a part of Bigg Boss OTT 3 replaced YouTuber Maxtern. He shared a video on his social media revealing why he’s not a part of Bigg Boss OTT 3. He revealed that he was in talks with the makers. However, he got replaced by the viral ‘Vada Pav girl.’ He said, “Everyone knows that I have been in talks with the makers since 2023. However, they replaced me with a Vada Pav girl. If they had replaced me with Kataria, I wouldn’t have minded because I understand that the show needs an audience. But Vada Pav wali?”


Ranvir meets Chandrika: The two contestants take a tour of the house. Seeing the big TV, Chandrika says 'Yaha pe hamari class lagne wali hai'. Ranvir asks if she is an actress and CHandrika introduces herself.

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Chandrika, formerly employed by Haldiram, teamed up with her husband and family to sell the popular Mumbai special, Vada Pav, in Delhi after leaving the company. She garnered significant attention when videos of her emotional breakdown started circulating on various social media platforms, bringing her into the spotlight. She gained public attention with a video in which she called out officials from Delhi's Municipal Corporation, accusing them of demanding additional payments after she had already paid Rs 35,000. A well-known figure in Delhi’s Sainik Vihar locality, Chandrika earns her living by selling vada pav for Rs 40 each.

Chandrika Dixit aka Viral Vada Pav girl is the first contestant to enter

Chandrika shares how she became viral and she wants to show her personality. Anil Kapoor says, 'Kitni khubsoorat lagi rahi ho aap'. He says her surname Dixit reminds him of Madhuri Dixit.


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