Life OK’s Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai...Ajab Sa Risk Hai

Good news, bad news: Life OK's Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai completes 200 episodes; Suyash Kumar quits

Rajveer-Simran to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Life OK’s Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai…Ajab Sa Risk Hai

Life OK's Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai to get mysterious as Lahori and Himmat visit morgue to dig out Simran's truth

Rajveer might forgive Simran in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai!
The makers Siddhant Cinevision of Kaisa Yeh Ishq Ha Ajab Sa Risk Hai on Life OK has constantly been throwing in surprises for audiences and there has been drama galore. And leaving no stone unturned making the love story of Rajeev and Simran (Gaurav S Bajaj and Sukirti Khandpal) all spicy and entertaining, they are set to keep its audiences wondering whether Rajveer will shift from the house and her life or not.

In the last episodes one could already noticed that Rajveer has given 15 days time to Simran to leave the house. He also promises to fulfill her all wishes till the time she is living in the house. From crazy wishes to adorable one, Simran has come out demanding things that make Rajeev difficult to complete.

Now, Rajeev, who is also getting positive feeling for Simran, asks his father Hoshiyar that he wants to take Simran with him for few days. To this Hoshiyar Singh replies why and how many days he wants to keep her more. And will you leave her after coming back?

“Simran and Rajveer will soon be going on a holiday where they will spend sufficient quality time with each other. And there are higher chances that Rajveer might melt down and forgive Simran,” said sources.

We shall wait and see if this love story starts off with a new vision!

Tranformation of 'Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai...' end page!

With the recent developments in the show, the new end-page of the show now also comprises of the antagonists...

Life OK's daily 'Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai' has been grabbing eye-balls with its high voltage drama, off late.

Initially, the show began as a love story between a Singaporean girl Simran (Sukirti Kandpal) and a Haryanvi boy Rajveer (Gaurav S Bajaj), and her escapade to settle in and win over the patriarchal Haryanvi, who has different beliefs and values from her. However, as the story progressed and major revelations surfaced up, the plot of the story is now spinning around the antagonist Himmat Singh (Suyyash Rai) and his father, who are adding spice to the show.

Since the other characters have also become a major part of the show, the makers have now brought a subsequent alteration in their end page. Earlier the end page portrayed only the main lead couple, but with the recent developments taking place, the brand new end page will also showcase Himmat Singh (Suyyash Rai), Buaaji (Mona Ambegaonkar) and Tau (Shyam Sunder).

Interestingly, Mona Ambegaonkar who is playing the role of a powerful Buaaji, is the new entrant in the show, hailing from a dark background. Owing to a bad marriage and other marital problems, she kills her husband in the past and surrenders herself willingly. Now that she is set out of jail, she returns to her family and in the near future will team up with Himmat against the rest.

When contacted Suyyash Rai regarding the same, he says, "Since I'm the main antagonist, the makers are giving a side to my track, so the concept behind the new end-page is to show a tiff between Tau and me, and the entry of Buaaji to bring about substantial changes in the show."

Seems like with the change in the TRP cycle, the writers and creatives are now trying their level best to experiment and do all they can in order to shoot-up the monthly performance.

Life OK's Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai to witness dance sequence amidst Rajveer and Simran!
Starring two talented actors, Gaurav S Bajaj as Rajveer and Sukirti Khandpal as Simran in the lead roles, Life OK’s new love story Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai...Ajab Sa Risk Hai is getting rave reviews from the television buffs. And to maintain its viewership makers will soon present a romantic sequence between Rajveer and Simran.

According to sources, there will be a refreshing romantic sequence ahead where the audience will witness an interesting dance performance between shy natured lad Rajveer and sweetly intelligent Simran. They will be seen grooving on the popular song Ishq Wala Love, from the film Student Of The Year.

Rajveer who is a Haryanvi desi boy in the show and all ready to prove that even though he likes being with his family, is a highly educated boy and does not like to be refereed as a Gaon wala. Hence to prove this, there will be a sequence where he will be seen dancing in a western style. He will show Simran that he is not a villager who doesn’t know about modern culture. After this sequence, Simran will make a soft corner for Rajveer.

Now, that’s something really to catch! So, don’t miss the thrill!

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