Sony TV's Jee Le Zara

Sony TV's Jee Le Zara wraps up shoot today

It’s time for the popular show Kehta Hai Dil…Jee Le Zara on Sony Entertainment Television to bid farewell to the TV screens from 8 May.

The cast and crew of Rose Audio Visual’s Pvt Ltd shot for the last time together today (22 April) on the sets.

They shot a happy ending scene with Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) delivering twins after which she and Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) will be seen leading a happy life.

Based on a love story of an older woman and young boy, viewers enjoyed the fresh pairing of the beautiful Sangeeta and Ruslaan and the couple became quite popular with the masses.

Ruslaan, who debuted on TV with the show, has gained a huge fan following and Sangeeta, who made a comeback post marriage, proved her potential once again.

The show that was launched last year in August was doing fairly well when the news of its being plugged off came as a shocker for many.

But all good things come to an end and today the cast bid a teary farewell to each other promising to be in touch. And on the occasion, a cake was also brought and the cast lovingly fed each other trying to hide their sadness.

When we spoke to Ruslaan, he averred, “It’s still not registered in my mind that the show has come to end. I will surely miss my co-stars Sangeeta and Delnaaz (Irani) and the fun we all had together. Most importantly, I will miss my fans and all the feedback I used to get on Twitter. I am hoping for a comeback on television soon.”

Observed producer Srishti Arya, “It was a wonderful journey although I wish we could have got a chance to run it for some more time. But all said and done, the show did really well and am sure it will be missed by the audience.”

We are sure the fans will agree to that.

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Dhruv to confess about his true identity to Saanchi in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara

With the advent of the New Year, things are going to change on your favourite TV shows too.

After a lot of romance and coziness in Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Kehta Hai Dil…Jee Le Zara (Rose Audio Visual’s Pvt Ltd), it’s time for some hard truth to come to the fore.

Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh), who has always been the shy and reserved girl, is slowly opening up to Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and showing her affection towards him. Having found confidence in their relationship, she will be seen at her expressing best vocalizing her feelings through her gestures and words.

But all her dreams will be shattered once she will get to know that the guy she is head over heels in love with is actually part of the family which wants to snatch her father-owned Strawberry farm away from her.

A source lets in, “Dhruv is the son of the owner of Prithvi Enterprise but he wants to build a career of his own and thus has broken away from his family. But now his secret will be revealed in front of Saanchi.”

With Dhruv’s family all set to arrive in Panchgani to stay with him for some time, he would want to confess his secret to Saanchi to maintain the trust between them.

How will Saanchi react to this confession of Dhruv? And will she believe him? Or will this bring an end to their relationship?

We tried calling Ruslaan but he remained unavailable for comment.

Saanchi to make New Year plans for Dhruv in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara
Amit Behl to enter Sony TV's Jee Le Zara as Dhruv's father
With Ankita visiting Panchgani, love triangle to kick-start in Sony TV's Kehta Hai Dil...Jee Le Zara
Sony TV's Jee Le Zara to see Dhruv and Saanchi drift apart
The love story of the beautiful couple Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) in Kehta Hai Dil….Jee Le Zara (Rose Audio Visual’s Pvt Ltd), on Sony Entertainment Television, is going through a very difficult phase.
With Saanchi’s family coming to know about the relationship and going against the two, it’s now time for some real drama to come up on the show.

Talking about it a source informs, “Dhruv and Saanchi will decide to talk to her grandmothers so that they can make them understand about the piousness of their feelings.”

But her Aaji (Sulabha Deshpande) and Nani (Meenakshi Shetty) will be adamant about not accepting the relationship. They will force them to part ways as, according to them, the society will never accept them. But Dhruv will not be ready to stir and talk aloud with them trying his best to persuade them.

But seeing Dhruv raising his voice in front of her grandmothers, Saanchi will get really angry and scold him. Seeing him not relenting, she will go ahead and slap him hard and forbid him of ever entering their house. She also tells him to forget her forever.

So will this end the relationship?

We don’t think so.

Also we have got to know that Saanchi’s brother Addu (Nabeel Ahmed) will be supporting the love affair of Dhruv and Saanchi and also suggest Dhruv to escape with Saanchi. He will also try to make his grandmothers agree to this match.”
When we called Nabeel, he said, “It is going to be a very interesting track in the coming episodes that the viewers will definitely enjoy.”
Dhruv to go shirtless; to tease and woo Saanchi in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara

Here’s some good news for the fans of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kehta Hai Dil…Jee Le Zara (Rose Audio Visual’s Pvt Ltd).

After seeing Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) profess his love for the beautiful Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh), it’s time for more romance now. The pair, that created waves in town with their sizzling chemistry, will give the audience a visual treat with a complete romantic set up and some heartwarming moments.

As a source informs, “Saanchi, who has had a very strict and boring life, will be seen enjoying her new-found feelings a lot. She will be seen dancing in Dhruv’s thoughts totally besotted in love.”

Apart from seeing a different side of Saanchi, the audience will also get to see the sexy body of Dhruv as he will go shirtless soon in an interesting sequence.

Ladies… hold your breath!!!

“A sequence will have Dhruv coming out of the bathroom and seeing his bare torso, Saanchi will be embarrassed,” reveals the source. And Dhruv, being a naughty guy, will tease her and make her all the more uncomfortable. This will lead to some funny moments.

We have also heard that the actor, who has worked hard to build a well toned abs along with a strict diet regime, is all excited for this sequence to come up on TV.

All our attempts to reach the actors proved futile.

Dhruv to surprise Saanchi on her birthday in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara
Romance to brew strong between Dhruv and Saanchi in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara

Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara to witness Saanchi confessing her love for Dhruv!

Saanchi will pour her heart out to Dhruv!

Sony Entertainment Television's popular show Kehta hai Dil... Jee Le Zara has a reason to celebrate this festive season. Fans of Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) and Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaaz) have a reason to celebrate as their wish is finally coming true.

The show was hitting the headlines on the eternal emotions of Dhruv (DV) for Saanchi. So far it was seen that Dhruv was trying hard to help Saanchi to solve her problems and prove his love for her but Saanchi was very firm with her decision. 

Sources inform that Saanchi will go to pour her heart out and confess she is in love with Dhruv.

Its love time to be witnessed in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara!
Its love time to be witnessed in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara!
The strange yet unique love story of Sanchi and Dhruv (Sangeeta Ghosh and Ruslaan Mumtaz) is ready to take a different turns in Sony TV’s light-hearted show Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara. In the ongoing track, Sanchi is seen playing hide and seek with her own feeling for Dhruv. She is getting nervous about what people think if she would declare her love for Dhruv. She is afraid of society and her family, which has been making her confused whether she should confess her feeling or not.

But soon in the coming episodes she will bluntly admit her love and say three magical words, I Love You, to Dhruv. But how this will happen all of the sudden? According to a source, “Sanchi will be busy decorating the house for Diwali when Dhruv will insist upon helping her. She will ask him to make a rangoli and Dhruv not knowing it, would lead to some real drama.”

Dhruv will write I Love You as a rangoli that utterly shock Sanchi. And moments later as she sees her neighbours walking in, she will hurriedly ask Dhruv to spoil the rangoli. But a naughty Dhruv will go on enjoying teasing her and having fun. But before the neighbours could spot the rangoli, Dhruv effects changes in it and it would look like a smiley.

This proves to be the saving moment for both her and Dhruv. And then when Sanchi will be getting ready for the festivity, she will have a problem tying up the dori of her blouse. And thinking Dhruv to be Dilshaad (Delnaaz Irani), she will ask the other person to tie it up.

“When she realises that it’s Dhruv, she will ask him to go back asking what people will think if they found them together. But an adamant Dhruv says that he would only go post she confesses her love to him.”

A confused Sanchi will not be able to figure out as to what she should do now when she sees her family walking towards her room. And finally, she will blurt out the four magical words.

Interesting, right!

Saanchi to confess her love for Dhruv in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara

Is Sanchi keeping Karva Chauth fast for Dhruv in Jee Lee Zaar?
Is Sanchi keeping Karva Chauth fast for Dhruv in Jee Lee Zaar?
It seems like Sony TV has become synonymous to represent some of the best but odd love stories to the audience. The shows that lend in the category are Bade Ache Lagte Hain, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (went off air) and ongoing show Kehta Hai Dil Jee Lee Zara.

The story of Jee Lee Zara revolves around 34-year-old Sanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh), who is a strong and independent woman and Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz), a 27-year-old lawyer who is mesmerized by Sanchi, and completely changes her life and also fall in love with her. The young lad is currently seen trying his best ways to woo Sanchi and in the coming episodes will be seen making sweet dishes for her.

While other side at Sanchi’s place, her younger sister Prachi, who recently gets married, is asked to keep Karva Chauth fast by her in-laws. But she is finding really hard to keep the fast. To convince her and make her understand the value of Karva Chauth, Sanchi will decide to accompany her in keeping the fast.

On the other hand, Dhruv is trying hard to make the perfect halwa for Saanchi so that he can win her heart. The twist will happen when circumstances will lead Saanchi to break the fast by eating the same halwa which Dhruv has made for her.

Interesting track! 

Dhruv to fall in love with Sanchi in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara!
Dhruv to fall in love with Sanchi in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara!

Shristi Arya's ongoing daily soap Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara which airs on Sony TV has been churning out some light-hearted drama in its recent episodes. Now, in an attempt to grab more eyeballs the creative team has written an interesting track where lead characters Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and Sanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) will share some romantic moments.

As seen so far that DV is not sure about his feeling for Sanchi. Even when his friends told him it was love, he refused to believe it and say he is just concerned about her only because she is his neighbor. But soon in the coming episode he will be bitten by the love insect. Sanchi has requested Dhruv to take up her case as she can't trust any outsider. Dhruv who is head over heels for Saanchi, will not leave this chance to spend time with Sanchi. It's that time where the cupid will play its role and we will see some lovey-dovey romantic moments.

Apart from that, DV’s family will also be introduced in the show. Sources said that three new characters are going to be introduced in the show as Dhruv's family namely his elder brother, mother and father. Dhruv's elder brother's character will be very much similar to Dhruv.

Will his family like DV’s extra attention given to his neighbors? Will Sanchi also feel the same way DV does? Let’s see!

Jee Le Zara to witness some emotional twists!
With Prachi’s (Priyanka Bhole) Mehendi taking place, everyone in the family is packed with joy and excitement. But among the celebration time Sony TV’s Jee Le Zara will witness some high-end drama when DV (Ruslaan Mumtaz) will be seen insulted by Rishi (Vinay Jain) and Sanchi’s (Sangeeta Ghosh) family members.

In the last episode it was seen that Rishi, Sunil’s cousin, has entered in the ceremony having a romantic meeting with Sanchi. He was seen helping Sanchi to locate her lost earrings and as they walked back together, her saree got stuck in his cuff link bringing them closer. Witnessing all these, DV was seen fuming with anger.

Now, in tonight’s episode a dance performance by DV will be seen by audience. Many young girls will get a chance to rejoice as the very good looking DV will be seen shaking a leg at the function. He will dance on the track Salaam-e-ishq and the entire family will come forward to match steps with him.

In the meantime DV will also be seen keeping his eyes on Rishi, who is giving extra attention on Sanchi. He feels that Rishi is trying to be extra sweet in front of the family and Sanchi. He will inform the same to all of them, but no one believes him and tells him not to be so judgmental.

DV gets hurt by the circumstances and decide to leave the place but while going back he will see Rishi drinking alcohol secretly in the car. And back at home Sanchi’s family cheerfully will praise Rishi, DV will taunt Rishi about his boozing session. This would infuriate Rishi’s family and they will ask Sanchi to throw DV out of the house.

Sanchi will be left in a dilemma as what to do next.

Anuj Saxena's entry in Jee Le Zara cancelled!
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Television actor Anuj Saxena, better remembered through his stints in Kkussum, was recently in news as he was making a presence in Rose Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd’s new show on Sony TV’ Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara, starring Sangeeta Gosh and Ruslaan Mumtaz in lead. However, latest report suggested that he has backed out of the show owing to date issues.

He was assigned to play Sunil's (Gaurav Bajpai) relative who will eventually fall for Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) and this would make Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) jealous. “Jee Le Zara was all set to witness the entry of Anuj Saxena who was almost finalized to play a cameo role on the show but due to date issues the actor had to back out last minute,” informed sources. Currently, the production team is hunting for his replacement.

Apart from Kkussum, Anuj Saxena had acted in leading roles in some of the most successful TV shows of his times like KumKum, Saara Akaash and Prratima that are still remembered today. He has also made a big screen debut in the action film Chase starring Udita Goswami in 2010.

He is now making a comeback to the big screen in 2013 in a small but wonderful film titled Parathne wali gali set in the by lanes and is about life in old Delhi.

Nandini delayed, while Amita Ka Amit and Jee Le Zara to air 45min on Sony TV!
Sony Entertainment Television, which was all set to launch its political based show Desh Ki Beti Nandini, produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions, has seen a change in program. The show was scheduled to release from 16 September and was supposed to replace Chhanchhan at the 9 pm slot, but latest reports state that the show has been delayed in launch.

According to the sources to cover up the empty time slot caused by its delay, Sony TV’s two shows Amita Ka Amit (Swastik Productions) and Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara (Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd) will air for 45 minute to fill the airtime vacuum.

“Chhanchhan is over but Nandini’s launch has been delayed for two weeks due to production issues. Hence the channel made the hasty decision to fill the empty slot by extending the air time of Amita Ka Amit and Jee Le Zara,” said sources. Hence, Amita Ka Amit will air from 8:30pm-9:15pm followed by Jee Le Zara till 10 pm.

Ruslaan Mumtaz, lead protagonist of Jee Le Zara confirmed the development on his Twitter account. “Ruslaan Mumtaz ‏@ruslaanmumtaz4h: From today #jeelezara is going to air from 9:15pm to 10pm on @SonyTV . 45mins of Sachi+Dhruv ” (sic)

Well, fans if you’re waiting to see Kirti Nagpure as Nandini, than you’ve to wait for two more weeks or if you fan of Amita ka Amit and Jee Le Jara then enjoy your favorite show for few more minutes.

Jee Le Zara to introduce two new characters soon!
Sangeeta Ghosh and Ruslaan Mumtaz starrer Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara has been getting rave reviews from the very beginning. Thanks to the splendid performances by actors and a fresh tale that is far from all planning and plotting drama of many dailies, the show is getting good numbers. Now in an attempt to sustain the viewership, makers will introduce two new characters in TV actors Neelam Pathania and Himayat Ali.

In the coming episode there will be an interesting track with the entry of Sunil’s (Gaurav Bajpai) parents, played Neelam and Himayat. They will enter Ganeshotsav celebrations. As known Prachi is in love with Sunil and wants to get married to him. Saachi (Sangeeta Ghosh) and her family will soon meet Sunil’s parents during their Ganeshotsav celebrations. But Sunil’s parents have some different notions about their son’s wedding.

Sources said, “They are a rich Marvari family, who has an attitude when it comes to their lavish style of living and richness. The father especially is proud of his position in the society and is very keen on his son marrying a girl of the same class as theirs.”

Veteran actor Himayat Ali, who has been seen in many episodic of Life OK’s Savdhan India in negative roles, confirmed his entry in Jee Le Zara saying, “Yes, I will soon begin shoot. I play the role of Sunil’s father. He is not for Sunil marrying Prachi and this is when the drama begins.” 

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