Marathi TV Show Post Office Ughada Aahe Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Today Episode
  • New Marathi show 'Post Office Ughada Aahe' to launch soon; netizens express their excitement
  • Marathi television will soon entertain audience with its upcoming reality shows and daily soaps. One such show is all set to launch soon and it is Post Office Ughada Aahe.
  • The makers of the show recently shared a promo of the new show on social media and captioned it as, "अवघ्या महाराष्ट्राला पाठवत आहोत हास्याची मनी ॲार्डर…नवी मालिका -'पोस्ट ऑफीस उघडं आहे.....'लवकरच... सोनी मराठी वाहिनीवर...#पोस्टऑफीसउघडंआहे | #PostOfficeUghadAahe #सोनीमराठी | #SonyMarathi #विणूयाअतूटनाती | #VinuyaAtutNati"
About the Show, Story:

  • As per reports, the show is based on the post office era of Mumbai. It will be special for those who have already experienced the post office and hand-written letters era and it will intrigue those who have not witnessed it.
  • Post Office Ughada Aahe is a light-hearted daily soap and will entertain the viewers with its subject. The makers have not announced the star cast of the show yet but the audience will know about it soon.
  • This is the first time such a topic that will be shown to the viewers. Netizens are too excited about the different concept of the show and shared their excitement in the comments section.
  • A user wrote, "Very excited. उत्सुकता 👍नक्कीच काहीतरी वेगळा विषय वाटत आहे या मालिकेचा 👍👍👍"
  • Another shared, "आम्हाला पण खुप उत्सुकता लागली आहे या मालिकेविषयी 😍🚛✉️@sonymarathi"
  • Yet another commented, "नवी मालिका आणि sony मराठी म्हणजे विषय नक्कीच मस्त आणि वेगळा असणार.. खूप खूप शुभेच्छा @sonymarathi"
New Star Cast:

  • Veteran actor Makarand Anaspure will be seen playing a unique character for the first time on television
    In the show, his character's name is Dinkar Trimbak Gulskar and he has been working in the parcel department of the post office for the past 17 years. His post office is in Pargaon. Seeing Makarand Anaspure again in a different look will surely be a special treat to the viewers. 
  • The makers will soon share the launch date and details of the starcast with the audience.
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