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Public transport especially buses in India are hot beds of perverts and molesters who lurk around preying on unsuspecting victims. Satyamev Jayate’s (SMJ) newly released teaser titled ‘Mumkin Hai’ focuses on this perennial problem that has been plaguing women in our country for ages now.

The teaser shows a thug lecherously eyeing a girl passenger. He approaches her slowly and attempts to make physical contact by sliding his hands down the side bar which she is holding. Sensing a stranger’s unwanted touch, the girl takes her hand away and occupies a seat that has just been vacated. The thug then moves towards the now seated girl and positions himself in such a manner so as to have his crotch rubbed against her body.

Does this make you cringe already? If yes, then this is what hundreds of women daily experience in the great Indian public transport. Shamefully, we all remain mute spectators allowing the pervert to gratify himself while the woman is left to fend off for herself. Rarely do we see someone standing up to stop the menace.

In the ad though, thankfully the bus conductor takes a stance and tells the man to take his ticket and move ahead in a stern yet polite tone. The warning is delivered loud and clear with the message that Satyamev Jayate is all set to return soon.

While Aamir & Co have always been guarded about their topics and prefer to keep their cards close to their chests, the new teaser does indicate that SMJ this time could focus more on women-centric issues especially those relating to ***ual harassment. This should be a welcome change given the fact that with every passing year cases of ****, molestation, eve-teasing and other forms of crimes committed against women has only seen a steady increase. With Aamir doing the talking, we are sure highlighting issues like the above would soon make men folk in our country aware about the real trouble their mothers, sisters and daughters face whenever they step out of their homes and take action whenever they see the fairer *** being troubled and heckled in public.
Season 3 of SMJ starts on 5 October at 11am on Star Plus. It’s from the house of Aamir Khan Productions.

Watch the teaser here:

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