Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi

Neha to inspire Aman to fall for the game of cricket again in Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi

Aman to try confessing his love for Neha in Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi

Neha's 'closeness' to Aman to make Akanksha jealous in Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi

Prediction: Will Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi work or not?

Sony TV launches Itti Si Khushi

Sony TV launches its new show Itti See Khushi
Sony TV's Itti Si Khushi bring a dose of freshness and unique concept to the viewers which will keep thme glued to their TV screens.
Sony Entertainment Television launches its new show Itti Si Khushi produced by Rajan Shahi's Director's Kut Production. Ace producer Rajan Shahi is known for making some good shows like Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Amrit Manthan and a few more with a fascinating storyline.

Elaborating  little on the story line it revolves around a girl Neha who meets an accident by the age of 14 and goes into coma for 15 years. She wakes up as a beautiful girl of 26 years. Neha is a girl who is innocent by heart but very kiddish at the same time. She wants to enjoy the time which she has missed in her life, people feel weird looking at her stupid and kiddish behavior, but she wins everyone's heart by her innocence which makes her even more special.

Smrita Kalra and Anuj Sachdeva will be seen as lead of the show. Anuj will be essaying the role of Aman who is a reserved person and falls in love with this bubbly and sweet girl.

It seems that the  storyline, makers  and the actors of the show has something very interesting in the store for the audience.
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