Tamil TV Show - Amman Latest update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written update

Latest update of Tamil TV Show Amman:

  • Nivisha is all set to entertain her fans with yet another new show. She has joined the cast of TV show Amman. Nivisha will essay the role of Durga, (new heroine) in the show Amman. The episodes featuring her as Durga will go on air from today.  Prior to this, Nivisha is known for her performances in the shows like Deivamagal (Sangeetha Sathish), Deivam Thandha Veedu (as Vanitha), Eeramaana Rojave (as Anjali), Kannamma (as Meera), Hello Shyamala (as Manju), Mullum Malarum (Mahalakshmi aka Maha) and Sivagami (as Thenmalar aka Thenu).
  • Rajanipraveen, who is all set to join the popular fiction show ‘Amman’, is delighted about it. She has shared her excitement over the same on her Instagram handle. Rajanipraveen will perform the role of Thara, the lead antagonist of Amman. The episodes featuring her as Thara will go on air from today (June 14).
  • Fans of the show Amman and Mangalya Sandhosham will have new additions as VJ-turned-actresses Vaigha (Vasuki) and Maheshwari join the Mahasangama episodes. The Mahasangamam episodes of Amman and Mangalya Sandhosham are already on air from May 10.

  • VJ-turned-actresses Vaigha and Maheshwari to join Mahasangamam episodes of Amman and Mangalya Sandhosham
  • Samyuktha Karthik to appear on TV show 'Amman' - Samyuktha Karthik will be seen in the TV show ‘Amman’. The channel airing the show has confirmed the same on their official handles.
  • Samyuktha will be portraying the role of Rudhra in Amman. The episodes featuring her would go on air from today (April 26).
  • The makers of the show are leaving no stones unturned to spice up the entertainment quotient. Uyire fame Manishajith became part of the show recently. Samyuktha has become the recent addition to join the show.
  • In the recent episodes of Amman, Sakthi (Pavithra Gowda) isn’t visible to others. Eashwar (Amaljith), who is under the custody of Manthra (Chandrika), is determined not to reveal Sakthi's whereabouts to anyone. Lakshmi Amma (Sakthi’s mother) asks Siddhar about Sakthi’s whereabouts. Siddhar says Sakthi is sound and safe. Due to repeated requests, Siddhar deputes his disciple named Thamini (Manishajith) to help Lakshmi Amma to find out Sakthi. Thamini seeks Rudhra's (Samyuktha) help who has more divine powers to accomplish the tasks given by Siddhar. Following this, whether Rudhra succeeds in her attempts or not forms the crux of the story in the upcoming episodes.
About the show, Story:
  • Amman (Tamil: அம்மன்) (transl. Goddess) is an Indian Tamil-language devotional drama airing on Colors Tamil starring Pavithra Gowda and Amaljith in the lead roles while Nanditha Jennifer, Anu Sulash, Avinash Ashok and Shaliy Avinesh plays supporting roles. It premiered on 27 January 2020.
  • Shakthi, a village belle who is blessed with the power of foreseeing future. She is revered by the village for her unique ability. Eshwar, a doctor by profession, who lives in the same village, tries to drive a wedge between Shakthi and the villagers. Shakthi and Eshwar fall in love under unusual circumstances and the consequences of their love where Shakthi comes to now that her present family is not hers and sets out to find her real family. Will Shakthi reunite with her family and with Eshwar forms the rest of the story...
  • Original network Colors Tamil.

Star Cast:
  • Besides Samyuktha as Rudhra, Amman features Pavithra Gowda (as Sakthi), Amaljith (as Eshwar), Manishajith (as Thamini), Jennifer (as Sharada), Anu Vignesh, Avinash (as Aravind), Shubha Raksha (as Gandhari) and others.
  • A new daily soap titled ‘Amman’ is set to premiere on January 27, 2020. The channel airing the show confirmed the same with a few teasers of the show on their social networking handle.
  • ‘Amman’ will have Pavithra and Amaljith playing the lead roles Shakthi and Dr. Eshwar respectively. The show will mark the acting debut of the two. Popular choreographer-actress Jennifer will be seen playing the role of Saradha (Shakthi’s elder sister) in the show directed by Ravi Priyan and produced by I. Ahmed. 


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