Sony PAL's Hamari Sister Didi

Hamari Sister Didi to fight against 'illegal abortion'

Sony PAL’s show with a medical background, Hamari Sister Didi, is a mixture of drama, love, saas-bahu and social issues making it a refreshing watch.

Now the DJ’s A Creative Unit show will present an important issue in India- illegal abortion. As viewers would know our country still takes woman as a bane and believes in killing unborn baby girl while in their mothers’ womb.

Soon in the show, the team at the hospital will be seen pressing the issue and showcasing how wrong this act is. Dr Karan (Bhanu Uday) who although is a practical and ‘not so’ emotional person will be at the forefront when it would come to this problem..

Shares a source, “A woman will come to the hospital and get her sonography done to determine the sex of her unborn child. As she will get to know that it is a girl, she along with her family would ask for an abortion done.”

This is when Dr Karan would get to know about the issue and rush to stop the illegal practice running in the hospital. He would go on to explain the couple how their act was a complete wrong move.

How will Dr Karan convince the couple? Will they understand this important issue?

We tried reaching Bhanu but he did not answer our calls.

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