Zee TV's Neeli Chatri Waale

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro inspires Zee TV's Neeli Chatri Waale

When we talk about the most rib tickling comedy scenes in Bollywood, we quickly recollect the funny scene of the popular movie Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro where everyone tried to hide the dead body, at times, even passing it off as someone alive and sitting. This iconic scene is sure to have made you fall of your chair when you first saw it! Get ready for a high-octane, dramatic episode  with the very talented actors Yashpal Sharma, Himanshu Soni and Disha Salva enacting a sequence inspired by this comedy of errors this Sunday on Zee TV’s very popular show Neeli Chatri Waale.

In an upcoming episode of the show, a salesman comes to sell products to Bhagwan Das’s (Yashpal Sharma) house and wife Bobby (Disha Sawla) ends up serving him rose flavored phenyl instead of juice. The salesman collapses on the spot; 
frightened, Bobby and bauji assume him to be dead and hide the corpse. When Bhagwan Das comes home and on opens his cupboard, he is stunned speechless to find the body of a salesman with whom he had a tiff earlier the same day, tumbling out of his closet. Bhagwan das pushes him away and the salesman’s body hits the wardrobe and falls and assumes he has killed the salesman. He again hides the body in the house only for Govardhan jija to stumble upon it and he too assumes that it is he who killed the salesman. Everyone in the house thinks that they have killed the salesman and are afraid to break it to the others. 
Who is the real killer and Is the salesman really dead to begin with?

To watch this most hilarious episode, tune in to Neeli Chatri Waale’s this Sunday at 8 pm only on Zee TV
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