SAB TV's The Great Indian Family Drama

SAB TV launches The Great Indian Family Drama

SAB TV is all set to launch a new weekend comedy show inspired from the daily adventures in the life of a Nawaab - The Great Indian Family Drama. This unique offering which features Nawaab, a living soul that has never worked a day in his life and lives in a world of fantastical imaginative ideas, a distinctive individual who believes working is meant for general public not himself as he is of the firm ideology that Nawaabs are not meant to work as it's against their pride and public image. The Great Indian Family Drama is a hearty humorous family entertainer and shall hit the tube on 3 January from 9 PM to 10 PM SAT-SUN exclusively on SAB TV.

SAB TV boosts the genre of comedy and family entertainment to completely new levels with the introduction of their brand new weekend show The Great Indian Family Drama. The show produced by Contiloe Productions, is a distinctive take and a light hearted comedy based on the splendid lifestyle of a typical Nawaab. The story revolves around the concept of how Nawaab Saab and the love of his life Begum Paro deal with day-to-day circumstances with quarrels and disagreement between them on a humorous note as a part of their marital life.

In addition to the lovely couple they also house another family member Sikandar living with them and working for them for years. Sikandar is an integral part of this family and his pranks often lead to hilarious situations in Nawab’s life. He also aspires to become a superstar singer but is never able to leave the family due to his love for them. Together they live under one roof as a family and share love and happiness collectively sprinkled with funny misunderstandings that lead to whacky and humorous situations.

Anooj Kapoor, Senior EVP & Business Head - SAB TV said, “SAB TV has constantly offered the best to its viewers in the genre of comedy by presenting various formats and unique content within its space. The Great Indian Family Drama presents yet another interesting plot about the glamorous yet hilarious lifestyle of a Nawaab. The show is a part of our weekend programming and also is along the lines of our belief in ‘Differentiation through Innovation’ as it shows the erstwhile nawabi set-up with bits of contemporary humour seamlessly woven into the story. The concept of the show is completely fresh and we are positive that our audiences will be thoroughly entertained.”

Abhimanyu Singh, CEO – Contiloe said, “Doing comedy has always been very exciting for us; our association with SAB TV goes a long way. With The Great Indian Family Drama, we get some well-known and talented senior artistes from the industry together to present a unique comedy drama with a Nawaabi twist. We hope the audiences love the concept and show.”

The great Indian family drama will mark a spot in the audiences’ heart and ensure to entertain them to the core with its fresh and tantalizing flavor of comedy with industry veterans.
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