Abar Ekla Cholo

ZBC to feature Sudeshna Roy-Abhijit Guha's Abar Ekla Cholo

Romantic comedies always bring a smile on our face!

So all the film buffs, gear up for another one this weekend.

Well, the coming ZBC Originals film is Abar Ekla Cholo.

Helmed by eminent director duo Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, the drama features June Maliah, Saayani Ghosh, Kaushik Sen and Indrajeet in prominent roles.

Now coming to the plot, Abar Ekla Cholo would narrate the journey of a mom who decides to revolt.

Ria’s (Saayani) mom Ronita (June) had imagined that life after Ria’s wedding would be a cakewalk. She never expected that her daughter, whom she had brought up single handedly, would take her for granted.

On the other hand, her boyfriend will decide to tie the knot with a girl of his mother’s choice after romancing her for a decade. In his explanation, he would say that his aunt would be offended and may disown him!

Isn’t that the age old excuse, readers?

All these unwanted happenings in her life would make her feel redundant! So, Ronita will decide to bring back some excitement, romance and a reason to exist in her life.

But will the daughter accept her mother’s wayward ways? Do women have a right to take their own decisions even when economically independent? The film aims to answer such difficult questions with a tongue in cheek treatment…

It will be aired on 12th June, 9 pm.
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