2021-2022 - 100% Confirmed List 'MasterChef Telugu' Latest Update, Contestants, Participants


  • Sarath got evicted from the MasterChef Telugu show :
    Sarath, 31, a digital marketing expert from Visakhapatnam, was one of the talented home cooks, who stepped into the MasterChef Telugu kitchen with big dreams in his eyes. However, his journey did not last long got evicted, But his passion for cooking and the character he has displayed on the show was lauded by the host and judges. Sarath poured his heart out about his journey on the show and how his yen to become a celebrity has propelled him to take part in the coveted reality TV series and how he plans to capitalize on this fame. Excerpts...I always wanted to be in the top 5, never ever dreamt of getting eliminated this early. I'm very disappointed with my eviction. I've a lot more to showcase. I felt I'd have shined in solo challenges but these group challenges didn't go well as expected. I wouldn't have gotten eliminated if my team took my idea. I just trusted Tejaswi and her idea of making a cake in that challenge. We didn't know how to demould a cake which cost me. Myself and Kamal shared a great rapport. He always told me that both of us should be in the finale. He was the one who taught me baking. We were surprised to find each other on sets (in Bengaluru) after auditioning in Hyderabad. I've many fond memories with him. My wife got me all the ingredients even when we couldn't afford. I picked up the hobby of cooking as a bachelor after moving to Hyderabad. I never liked these 8am - 5pm jobs. So, I started food vlogs. My friend encouraged me to apply for MasterChef and my wife helped me a lot to prepare for the show. Right from childhood, I always wanted to be a celebrity. I've worked in a few short films while I was in Visakhapatnam. Some of them had Siri Hanmanth (Bigg Boss Telugu 5 fame) in them. With the fame and recognition MasterChef gave me, I'm now planning to continue doing content for YouTube and also start a takeaway outlet for everyone who loves homemade food. I'd love to explore some work opportunities in movies as well.




  • Host Tamannaah Bhatia calls a dish 'the best on the show so far'; Chef Sanjay Thumma not impressed:
    Team Blue including Anupama, Nazeem and Anusha led by Kamal prepared 'Plum Yum' impressed host Tamannaah and judges Chalapathi Rao and Mahesh Padala. However, Sanjay Thumma was not impressed with the recipe. He remarked Team Blue's planning as the 'worst'.  The 12 home cooks were divided into three teams - Red, Green and Blue. The three captains Saurab, Kamal and Sarath chose their teammates in a round-robin method. The three teams got secluded based on the category of ingredients and they were instructed to prepare a dish with their ingredients within 60 minutes. It was a Team Relay challenge where each teammate got to cook for 15 minutes each. The next team mate took over cooking after their respective time limit. The judges along with Tamannaah gave the other teams a thumbs down for their recipes. Host Tamannaah thought Team Green's plating was messy. Mahesh said that the dish was not up to MasterChef's standards. Towards the end of the episode, Team Blue was declared the winner and they were promoted to the balcony. 
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  • Anasuya Bharadwaj to replace Tamannaah Bhatia as host
    Anasuya has already shot for a few episodes at the exclusive set in Innovative Film City, Bengaluru.  Though the reason behind Tamannaah's replacement is unclear, sources suggest that she is unavailable for further shoot as the scheduled episodes couldn't be shot within the allocated call sheet.

  • Abdul left everyone in splits with his impeccable imitation of host Tamannaah. Besides all the fun, the judges left Jaideep, Anusha and Sai Sri shocked by asking them to face the elimination challenge. But a twist was awaiting them. Maneesha, Priyadarshi and Madhavi, who couldn't advance in the league, made a comeback into the show. They were given a second chance to prove their talent. The judges left everyone surprised by asking Maneesha, Priyadarshi and Madhavi to face the elimination challenge while Jaideep, Anusha and Sai Sri were saved and sent to the balcony. After Maneesha, Priyadarshi and Madhavi shopped for the task, their positions and ingredients were swapped and they had to make a dish out of each other's stuff. This tested their spontaneity. While the three contestants received critical comments, Maneesha eventually survived the challenge. Priyadarshi and Madhavi got permanently evicted from the show. The previous weekend episode featured Madhavi failing in back to back challenges.
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  • MasterChef Telugu will soon invite its first celebrity guest. Telugu actor Allu Sirish will grace the show this weekend.
    The channel airing the show unveiled a teaser in which Sirish walks into the MasterChef kitchen in style. Interestingly, host Tamannaah Bhatia and Sirish engage in a fun dosa contest. While Sirish drops more oil in his dosa adding that he loves eating dosa but not making, Tamannaah can seen saying, "chaloo chaloo doshaa.." as she prepares one. 
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  • 42-year-old Madhavi gets evicted from the show,
    The 42-year-old homecook from Hyderabad failed in back to back challenges in the recent episode. She slipped into the danger zone along with Manoj and Saurabh after failing in the first taste test. In the final eviction survival challenge, Madhavi had to prepare a dish with the ingredient she guessed wrong in the taste test - cucumber. She prepared a dessert with cucumber but couldn't succeed in impressing the judges. While Manoj and Saurabh also received critical comments from the three judges, Madhavi was soon declared to be eliminated from the show. "I was determined to walk out with a smile but I got emotional today. I'm glad to be a part of the show. I will miss Chef Chalapathi's smile," stated Madhavi. She also assured to continue cooking with time management and other skills acquired on the show in application. Both Manoj and Saurabh were safe. Manoj promised not to repeat the mistake has committed in the task. For the unversed, the recent episode had Team Red led by Nazeem was selected for balcony while Team Blue headed by Manoj had to face the taste test. Jaideep, Anupama and Tejaswi from Manoj's team passed the taste test.
  • Host Tamannaah Bhatia gave MasterChef a twist with a new beverage challenge. As the judges introduced a cart of fruits, Tamannaah wanted the contestants to prepare a beverage for her. Four contestants - Kamal, Madhavi, Anusha and Nazeemunnisa - qualified for the balcony in the round. The contestants had to pick three ingredients from the cart. Kamal and Abdul Khadar were the first to pick as they were the frontrunners in the previous task. They also chose the next contestants to choose the ingredients for the challenge. Madhavi's beverage instantly left the judges impressed and she was sent to the balcony right away. Kamal, Madhavi, Anusha, Jaideep, Madhavi and Nazeemunnisa's recipes were chosen as the top 6 and four contestants made it into the balcony. Kamal's recipe was applauded by the judges while Anusha qualified for balcony for the first time. The rest of the contestants will face yet another special challenge and one of them might get evicted, too.
  • Maneesha Evicted: MasterChef witnessed the eviction of Maneesha, the 24-year-old safety officer from Visakhapatnam. Her passion for cooking has prompted her to take part in the show which saw the second round of eviction. Maneesha was one of the four contestants to face the special test by Chalapathi Rao, one of the three judges of the show. They had to make his signature dish, Jugalbandi. All the four contestants had to wear the black apron as they failed in the mise en place test and they had to pass Chalapathi Rao's special test in order to secure a place in the balcony. While Manoj, Madhavi, and Tejaswi made the cut, a few ingredients in the plating were missing in Maneesha's replica. Evicted contestant Maneesha bid farewell to the show with a promise to continue pursuing her passion.
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  • The premiere episode which featured the introduction of its format, kitchen, chef judges and homecooks, also witnessed the eviction of six contestants as well. Sai Sri, Rajesh, Anusha, Lakshmi Prathima and mom-daughter duo Sridevi and Nikhila got evicted in the premiere episode. The homecooks failed to impress the judges with their signature dishes and didn't move ahead in the competition.
  • The actress has shared the latest teaser of the soon-to-be-launched TV show on her Instagram handle. In the video, Tamannaah expressed her love for Telugu language, people, and cuisine. Thanking her Telugu fans for the encouragement, Tamannaah stated the show celebrates Telugu cuisine. “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

 Latest Update:

  • Tamannaah Bhatia confirms hosting MasterChef Telugu; shares a BTS pic from promo shoot
  • The show will be shot in a special set built in Bengaluru and the first shoot schedule is likely to commence from July.
  • The makers of the series have considered many popular actors for the show including Kajal Agarwal, Venkatesh Daggubati and Rana Daggubati but Tamannaah was roped in for the Telugu version of the popular TV series.
  • The show is expected to have 15 talented contestants with 3 chefs as judges and will entertain the telly audiences on weekends.

About the show:

  • MasterChef is a cooking reality show where talented chefs from different walks of life will compete for the prestigious title. The TV series format which is believed to have originated in the UK has been adapted and inspired many shows across the globe over the past three decades.
  • Gemini TV is all set to come back with the another season of the show title as ‘Master Chef’ the show is one of the most popular show, the show is all set to hit the screen soon on Telugu television fans are extremely excited about the show and also to participate the show will come up with some new concept. . So check MasterChef Telugu 2021 Start Date, Timing, Host.
  • The show is expected to have 15 talented contestants with 3 chefs as judges and will entertain the telly audiences on weekends.
  • So it is a great opportunity to all the talented and passionate chef who can showcase their cooking s**** in the show they need to prepare something unique and different and proper decoration with cleanness and also in less time, their presentation. So now lets check out the complete details about the upcoming show MasterChef Telugu 2021 Start Date, Timing, Host, How to do Registration online?

MasterChef Telugu 2021 Start Date & Timing
  • The show is all set to hit the screen soon on Gemini Telugu TV
  • The show will be shot in a special set built in Bengaluru and the first shoot schedule is likely to commence from July.

MasterChef Telugu 2021 Host and Judges
  • Tamannaah Bhatia will be hosting the debut 2021 season of Master Chef Telugu.
  • Earlier news was this season will host by one of the popular actor Venkatesh Daggubati but now it is proved that it is wrong as Tamannah will be the real host for this year 2021 season.
The show will be judge by one of the famous and popular master chef they will be judging our contestants the judges are also not yet decided as the auditions round are still going on there will be talented contestant across the nation, so stay tuned

How to register online for Master Chef?
  1. The interested participant can visit to the official website of Gemini TV or also they can visit the social media pages
  2. You will see the link of registration form click on that
  3. Fill up all your personal details that are required like Name, Contact No, Add, Gender, Nationality etc. Make sure the details that you are providing must be correct as team will contact you through same
  4. You need to upload your special recipe and say about it what make it different and tasty and how much time you have taken to make and the other details
  5. Read all the terms and conditions and click on OK ****on. Your form will be registered and you have to wait for your results.
MasterChef Telugu to be launched soon; watch promo

Telugu television is set to witness diversified entertainment this season. After Jr NTR's Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu, the channel airing the show will soon launch the Telugu version of the popular reality show MasterChef.

The channel has confirmed the same with a promo which was unveiled on its social media handle. The teaser promises to entertain the Telugu telly audience with the 30-year-old world-renowned format that won a million hearts across the globe.

Close sources reveal that the makers are in scout for a perfect host for the show. Speculations were rife that Venkatesh Daggubati will make his Telugu TV debut with the show. He was initially rumoured to debut with Bigg Boss Telugu also. However, an official confirmation on the host of MasterChef Telugu is expected soon.

For the unversed, MasterChef is a cooking reality show where talented chefs from different walks of life will compete for the prestigious title. The TV series format which is believed to have originated in the UK has been adapted and inspired many shows across the globe over the past three decades.

Other Versions:
  • MasterChef India has witnessed six seasons so far with its debut season being launched in 2010. Akshay Kumar, Kunal Kapur and Ajay Chopra hosted the season won by Pankaj Bhadouria. The latest sixth season of the show crowned Abinas Nayak as the winner.
  • Vijay Sethupathi will host MasterChef Tamil
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran was roped in for the Malayalam version of the series.
  • Kannada version will be hosted by Kiccha Sudeep.
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