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 Latest Update:

  • Ginirama to showcase the love story of Shivrama and Neha: Kannada daily soap Giniraama is gearing up for some exciting episodes. With the entry of Neha's character in the storyline, the daily soap is all set to go back to the time when Shivram fell in love with Neha. Episodes will indeed be aired with the tagline 'Ondaanondu Kaaladali'. The show is gearing up to introduce a new chapter in the story. Shivram aka actor Rithvvik Matthad will be seen in a brand new avatar. He will be seen sporting a look of a youngster. The story will narrate how Shivram falls in love with Neha when they were young. The daily soap will also show how the duo falls in love, the struggles they overcome in the family, and much more. Neha's character is essayed by actress Sushma Shekar. The actress recently joined the cast of Ginirama.

  • Actress Sushma Shekar joins the cast of Ginirama:
    Kannada daily soap Ginirama is gearing up for some interesting twists. The show is all set to introduce a new character in the storyline. Shivram's ex-girlfriend Neha is all set to make a shocking entry to the daily soap. Actress Sushma Shekar has been roped in for Neha's character who was believed to be dead according to the storyline. But Sushma will soon be featuring in Ginirama as Neha. The actress has been busy shooting her scenes for the daily soap. She has also shared a promo of her entry in the daily soap on her social media handle.
  • With Sushma's entry in the ongoing track in Ginirama, a major twist is likely to be expected in the upcoming episodes of the daily soap.
  • According to the storyline, just when Shivram and Mahati make an effort to confess their feelings to one another, Shivaram is left deeply shocked when his ex-girlfriend, Neha, who was believed to be dead, appears before him. However, she refuses to identify him and pushes him away. It remains to be seen who Shivram will choose between Mahati and Neha.
  • Ginirama has successfully completed 200 episodes.
  • According to the latest storyline, Shivram and Mahati seem to be getting to know each other better. Shivaram sits with Mahathi while she rests and comments about her unfortunate situation. Shivaram calls her a kind-hearted person and feels bad for ruining her life with his boorish actions. Meanwhile, Bhavani wants Shivaram to lead an important function that is coming up soon. However, Shivaram is concerned about Mahathi's safety and refuses to take responsibility. He announces that he is ready to leave the house with Mahathi if her presence is the root cause for Vidya's problems.
  • For the first time, daily show Ginirama has made it to the top five list. The show has entered the top five race and has bagged the fifth position. Ginirama has Rithwik Mathad and Nayana Nagaraj in the lead.
About the show:

  • Ginirama is an Indian television drama in the Kannada that premiered on the Colors Kannada channel on 17 August 2020.
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  • The show is official remake of Marathi serial Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa airing on Colors Marathi.
  • Starring Ritvvikk Mathad and Nayana in Lead roles, Leading Karnataka GEC Launching a New Series Ginirama from 17th August Onwards. Love story between Mahathi and Shivaramu is the main plot, it’s official the Kannada remake of Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa airing on Colors Marathi. The show recently adopted in Colors Tamizh as Idhayathai thirudathe. As per latest TRP rating reports colors listed at 4th Position behind Zee, Udaya TV and Star Suvaarna. Mooru Gantuone recently series completed 100+ episodes, Mithuna Raashi, Nammane Yuvarani, Mangala Gowri Maduve, Kannadathi, Geetha , Seetha Vallabha and Nannarasi Radhe are the other shows on Colors Kannada Now.
Story, Plot:
  • Ginirama is the story of the talented Mahathi, and Shivaram. Mahathi’s runins with Shivaram, the right-hand man of the local MLA Bhavani leads her to assume that the kind-hearted Shivaram is a ruffian.
  • A game of politics and vendetta ensues between Bhavani and her archrival, where Mahathi and Shivaram are made pawns and forced into a marriage they are not ready for. Them, finding love amidst an ongoing political feud, forms the rest of the story.
Star Cast:
  • Rithvik Mathad as Shivaram
  • Nayana Nagraj as Mahathi
  • Chaitra Rao Sachin as Aayi Sahebha
Adaption, Remake, Dubbed :
  • Marathi - Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa
  • Tamil - Idhayathai Thirudathey
  • Gujarati - Prem Ni Bhavai
  • Odia - Jajabora Manamora
  • Hindi - Bawara Dil
  • Bengali - Mane Na Mon
  • Kannada - Ginirama

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