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  • Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 fame and Ratris Khel Chale actress Rituja Darmmadikari has revealed to fans that she will not return to the popular TV show Ratris Khel Chale again.
  • People mocked me for my skin color but it only gave me the courage to face all the odds: Ratris Khel Chale 3 fame Bhagya Nair

    South Indian actress Bhagya Nair, who recently stepped into the Marathi TV industry with the popular TV show Ratris Khel Chale 3, garnered a lot of love from the audience within a short period. From featuring in web series to entering into Marathi TV, she has come a long way. In an exclusive chat with Etimes TV, Bhagya spoke about her journey in this acting field, facing racist jokes from a few people and how her family supported her throughout her career.
  • Anna Naik's elder son Datta gets drunk and decides to meet his wife Savita at Naik Wada. Datta reaches Naik Wada and starts calling Savita out. Savita lashes out at him for his alcohol addiction. Savita tries to push Datta out of the Naik Wada. Abhiram stops Savita from doing so and allows Datta to enter inside.
  • Mai conducts a Haldi Kunku ceremony for Kaveri. Mai informs Kaveri and Abhiram that she wants to arrange a Haldi Kunku ceremony because they are newly married and the first time came in the Naik Wada.
About the Show, Story:
  • Ratris Popular Marathi horror drama Ratris Khel Chale is already winning many hearts with its compelling storytelling
  • Ratris Khel Chale 3 (transl. The Game Runs At Night 3) is an Indian Marathi Supernatural television series which is airing on Zee Marathi from 22 March 2021. It is a sequel of Ratris Khel Chale 2 and third season of Ratris Khel Chale series.
  • It is going to be more suspenseful because in the show Anna Naik's Wada and the family is completely destroyed. Anna Naik's sins have ruined their lives and livelihood. The characters of the show like Mai, Madhav, Abhiram, Pandu, have faced much adversity and will struggle to recover their Naik Wada. The condition of Naik's Wada is also unbelievable.
Star Cast:
  • Madhav Abhyankar as Hari "Anna" Naik, the dead head of the influential family. (Ghost)
  • Shakuntala Nare as Indumati Hari Naik (Mai); Anna's kind hearted widow, Madhav, Chhaya and Abhiram's mother, Datta's adopted mother, Sushma's step-mother.
  • Apurva Nemlekar as Kumudini Kamlakar Patankar (Shevanta); one of the women Anna was obsessed with and his wife, Sushma's mother. (Ghost)
  • Madhav Abhyankar returned as Anna Naik. Apurva Nemlekar returned as Shevanta. Shakuntala Nare, Mangesh Salvi, Sainkeet Kamat, Anil Gawde, Suhas Shirsat, Prajakta Wadaye and Namrata Pawaskar reprised their roles as Indumati, Madhav, Abhiram, Raghu Gurav, Dattaram, Sarita and Chhaya respectively whereas Pournima Dey was offered the role of Sushma Naik (Sushlya) who was previously played by Rutuja Dharmadhikari. Bhagya Nair selected for the role of Kaveri who speak Malayalam language.
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5.6/10 · IMDb
92% liked this TV show (Google users)
3.7/5 (66 ratings)
  • How hard you might try to pretend everyone knew first season got best success & Anna , Shevanta were just names & limited roles in it while other characters are important now the way you twisted those characters I dislike it specifically Datta & Sarita I don't like it the way you turn such wonderful father & mother in twisted villain to make suitable for your story I don't like it. I wrote this review again since I don't like the way you presented people of villages too I spent my entire life in city Mumbai but still I know all village people are not evil. It seem as if people from city only have kindness I mean daughter-in-law who came from abroad crying under abuse of sister-in-laws who stay in village? I mean that woman met to unknown boy in abroad married to him & she is so shy! Come on be logical. A village girl might be shy but a girl who stayed in abroad can't be so shy & weak! How did she survived in abroad without courage?
  • Very Interesting story, I was watching part 1 and 2 ...they are suberb part. but recently i watching this serial ,so i am very shoked, becasue Chaya getting Maried with Raghukaka and she is doing play for Chayama. so that is very different part for this serial ...Abhiram changes his wife .1st episode play the role for Devika and now change its KAVERI she is south indian.
  • Too early to comment on this series/franchise which is normally shot at my own native place, Sawantwadi Nevertheless, the first few episodes were evident for outstanding performances by Bhagya Nair and Pralhad (hope I got the directors/actors name right), fairly spooky atmospherics and an old tested Bollywood style horror set-piece, make this series appealing.
  • As expected, Indian horror serials and movies suffer from inconsistent or poor creativity, lack of intense depth, below average music score and a major narrative slackness that is unfortunately complemented by outdated so called 'traditional values' (its much better in Episode 3 though, Pournima Dey-Demanna looks 'good'). Having said that, its one of the only 2 marathi serials that I do watch. Recommended!

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