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  • Krishna and Sruthi Raj announce their next project 'Thalattu'; urges fans to support - Fans of actors Sruthi Raj and Krishna have a good news in store. Sruthi Raj and Krishna will share screen space in the show ‘Thalattu’ (Lullaby in Tamil). Both of them are excited about their new show. The channel airing the show released the first teaser of the show on their official handles on April 14 (Tamil New Year).
About the Show:
  • Thalattu (transl. Lullaby) is an 2021 Indian Tamil-language Drama series starring Krishna and Shruthi Raj.
  • It premiered on Sun TV on 26 April, 2021 at 2.30PM and available for worldwide streaming on Sun NXT

Krishna and Sruthi Raj announce their next project ‘Thalattu’; urges fans to support.

Story of Tamil TV Show Thalattu:
  • The story of Thalattu revolves around Vijay (Krishna) who has never experienced the love of a mother as he was separated from her in his earlier stage.
  • Vijay who is married to Isai (Shruthi Raj) has a beautiful family. He is a very kind on his family.
  • He is a parentless person. He is not aware of his mother. As an abandoned child, Vijay yearns for a mother’s love and thereby strongly dislikes his unknown mother.
  • He is a victim of family betrayal. Life takes a turn when his mother enters their home as a maid.
  • Aware of the truth, can Isai reunite the mother & son. Whether he will recognise his mother or not forms the crux of the story.
  • In the show ‘Thalattu’, Krishna features in the role of Vijay, who is happily married to Sruthi and has a son.
Wishes are pouring in for Krishna and Sruthi from fans and celebs like Diya Menon, Nivashini Divya, Sahana Sheddy, Gayathri Jayaraman, Arvind Kathare and others.

Unknown Facts:
  • ‘Thalattu’ features Krishna of ‘Run’ and ‘Deivamagal’ and Azhagu fame Sruthi Raj, Sembaruthi fame Bharatha Naidu, Tharshika Tharshi, Isvar Raghunathan, Vidhush Chowdary and many others. The other details about the show are awaited at the moment.

Star Cast:

1. Main

  • Krishna Raghunandan as Vijay
  • Shruthi Raj as Isai Vijay (Vijay's Wife)
  • Sai Latha as Chinnathai/Thaiamma (Vijay's Biological Mother)
    • Sandrababu as Young Chinnathai/Thaiamma
2. Supporting Star Cast
  • Rishi Keshav as Muthuaaya (Vijay adopted father)
    • Kiran as Young Muthuaaya
  • Dharini as Sivagami (Vijay adopted mother)
    • Haripriya as Young Sivagami
  • Tharshika as Theresa (Thaiamma daughter)
  • Sarvesh as Sundar Vijay (Vijay and Isai Son)
  • Sahana Shetty as Devi (Muthuayya and Shivagami's daughter and Vijay sister)
  • Bharatha Naidu as Kokila (Servant of Vijay home)
  • Suresh Joshua as Unknown (Kokila Husband)
  • Mohan Sharma as Advocate Eshwara Moorthy (Isai father)
  • Arunkumar Padmanabhan as Advocate Vaali (Junior of Eshwara Moorthy)
  • Vincent Roy as Shaamasivam (Vijay Relative)
  • Meenakshi as Meenakshi (Shaamasivam Wife)
  • Navindhar as Sukkumar Shaamasivam (Shaamasivam Son)
  • Tina as Unknown (Vijay Relative)
  • Rekha Angelina as Vasanthi (Vijay Relative)
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