Kannana Kanne, which premiered on November 2, 2020, has successfully completed 200 episodes.

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  • Popular TV show Kannana Kanne, which premiered on November 2, 2020, has successfully completed 200 episodes.

  • Preethi (Akshitha) and Yuva's (Rahul Ravi) wedding arrangements are in full swing. Preethi-Yuva's gala wedding will be aired in a special episode on Sunday (July 11).
  • Sahana Sheddy joins the cast of TV show Kannana Kanne - The entry of Sahana (as Aparna) is expected to add some new twists in the show. Sahana Sheddy joins the cast of TV show Kannana Kanne (Photo - Instagram) Actress Sahana Sheddy became a part of the popular show Kannana Kanne. Sahana will portray the role of Aparna in the show. The episodes featuring Sahana (as Aparna) will go on air from today (May 17).
About the Show Kannana Kanne:
  • 20 years back, Gautham And kausalya live a happy married Life. The only thing, which is missing for ten years, is a child. One day, kausalya gets pregnant, but due to complications she dies during the birth of her daughter.
  • 20 years later Meera, a beautiful and well-raised woman, is now grown up. But her father, Gautham, hates and blames her for his first wife’s death. Meera lives in a house with her grandmother, stepmom and stepsister, who try their best to reunite Meera and her father, after many misunderstandings. Meera craves for love and attention from her father.
  • According to the storyline, Aparna (Sahana) will appear as Yuvraj’s (Rahul Ravi) relative. Already, Yuvraj and his family members are at crossroads in deciding the suitable bride for him. Aparna’s family members plan to fix Yuvraj’s wedding with her.
Star Cast of Kannana Kanne:
  • Babloo Prithiveeraj as Gautam Krishnan: Kousalya and Yamuna's husband; Meera and Preeti's father. Vasuki and also Menaka's arch-rival. A rich business man also a good hearted person but he hates his elder daughter Meera because of his first wife Kousalya's unexpected death (2020- present)
  • Nimeshika Radhakrishnan as Meera Gautam: Gautham and Kousalya's daughter; also Yamuna's stepdaughter and Preeti's elder half-sister; Yuva's love interest; Dhanalakshmi's elder grand-daughter. She is an innocent and lovable girl. She wants love and attention from her father Gautam (2020- present)
  • Rahul Ravi as Yuvraj Kodeeshwaran (Yuva): Koodeshwaran's son; Meera's love interest also Preeti's ex-love interest. Gautam's personal secretary and a technologist (2020- present)
  • Nimeshika Radhakrishnan (as Meera Gautam)
  • Rahul Ravi (as Yuvraj Kodeeshwaran / Yuva),
  • Babloo Prithiveeraj (as Gautam Krishnan),
  • Shanthi (as Renuka - Aparna’s mother),
  • Akshitha Bopaiah (as Preethi Gautam),
  • Nithya Das (as Yamuna Gautam),
  • Priya Prince (as Menaka),
  • Preethi Sanjeev (as Vasuki),
  • Livingston (as Kodeeshwaran)
  • Sahana Sheddy joins the cast of TV show Kannana Kanne as Aparna, Sahana is known for her performances in the shows like Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Naanum (as Nisha), Pagal Nilavu (as Tamizh), Uyire (as Samyuktha) and Azhagu (as Kavya Madhan), to name a few. Apart from this, Sahana is also acting in a few movies in different languages.
  • Pournami in Telugu Gemini TV - Original TV Show (12 November 2018 – 29 March 2021)
  • Manasaare in Kannada Udaya TV (24 February 2020 – present)
  • Nayantara in Bengali Sun Bangla (22 March 2021–Presen)
  • Kannana Kanne in Tamil Sun TV (2 November 2020–Present)
200 Episodes Special:
  • Popular TV show Kannana Kanne, which premiered on November 2, 2020, has successfully completed 200 episodes. Actors Akshitha Bopaiah, Nimeshika Radhakrishnan, Babloo Prithiveeraj and others took to their respective social media handles and thanked the fans for love and support.
  • The team is on cloud nine and had a cozy celebration. Sharing a group picture from the sets, Babloo Prithiveeraj wrote, “Kannana kanne ..today..200th episode..thanks for the love and support
  • Nimeshika wrote, “Happy thank u for all ur love nd support and we love it to be continued
  • Akshitha wrote, “Thank u for all the love and support. Successfully, completed 200 episodes
Reviews, TRP:
  • Kannana Kanne is successful in entertaining the audience with its interesting storyline and noteworthy performances by the actors.

  • Awesome story, direction, photography, music and etc!!! I feel like watching a movie everyday. The Best Serial!!! I just watch this serial and Pandavar Illam and feel so satisfied everyday. No negativity, just positivity and love/emotions.
  • Such a great soap opera with such stunning performance from each of them. Excellent. I rate it above all in the current shows,with Anbe vaa coming very close. And today’s episode left me distraught with emotion and still I am unable to come to terms with pati’s death and excellent performance by her second daughter over funeral ceremony rights for women.It’s really thought provoking...and Anbe vaa..The leading woman cast delna Davis taking the cake.she has such a great talent that I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s into the movies before long.Her expressions are very natural for a girl of her age.
Negative Reviews:
  • Pls stop harassing daughter.. if he is having problem with her then once his wife died he could have left her in ashram or ****ed her rather doing torture everyday. No one should have this kind of father.
  • There is no logic of hating her without any of her mistake. I stopped seeing this serial as no father should become as an example of this character. Give logic and good message to society.
  • The most horrible serial where Meera keeps crying and keeps giving stupid expressions.She does not know acting at all and to top it the serial story is becoming unbearable.It should have stopped with the death of that old lady in village.Oh my God save everyone from the clutches of such story , horrible acting by all and stupid direction. may God save all viewers.
  • First of all all the cast are malayalis. Which I don't like. Bablu, his wife and daughters are are Malayalis. Why such malayali doi mination in tamil serials. I am not against malayali. But full malayali cast I hatewhat is the reason for malayali cast. Please see to that this stupid nonsense is serial is stoppedthere is no malayali domination.
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