All Controversies of Bigg Boss OTT (Season 15)

 All Controversies of Bigg Boss OTT (Season 15)

  1. Shamita Shetty entered the Bigg Boss OTT house as a confirmed contestant and was surprised to see six boys inside the house seated at the 'Stay Connected' gallery. Upon seeing contestant Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita said that he gives her a very 'Korean influencer' and the K-pop vibe. To which, Pratik Sehajpal took offence and cross questioned about what she exactly meant by "Korean influencer look." Karan Johar interrupted and told Pratik that he may not over think. After Shamita Shetty picked Raqesh Bapat and Karan Rakesh Nath for her connections, Pratik pointed out that she did not select him because she feels he gives the K-Pop vibe. "You look Korean but I will not choose you. Think before you speak" said Pratik to Shamita. The actress, on the other hand, said, "You're thinking too much." Host Karan Johar asked Pratik to continue their fight inside the house but stop it here and continue with the show.
  2. TV actress Urfi Javed, who impresses KJo with her chirpy and bubbly attitude. When she meets the boys, she looks excited to see Zeeshan. Seeing Pratik, Urfi says that he is ex-boyfriend of one of her co-actress. While talking Pratik takes ex Pavitra Punia's name and talks about how aggressive she was in the relationship.

  3. Akshara was introduced by Karan as someone who is 'aag', 'shola', 'bijli', 'aandhi' and more. She described herself as an entertainer, and also someone who knows how to love. She was candid about her anger issues as well. The actress danced to the popular number 'Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag'. One of the male contestants called Alia Bhatt of Bhojpuri industry. When it came to picking a connection for her stay in the house, Akshara picked Pratik and Karan Nath. They were challenged to follow her steps on a song. At the end of it, she chose Pratik for following her the best. However, Pratik, who had already got into a tiff with Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin, and Urfi Javed, clarified, "Mein please kisi ko nahi karta, mein follow nahi karta...aap mujhe mat follow karna house mein." He also asked her to do her own thing in the house adding, "Connection mein equal responsibility hoti hai. Mein apne mein hi leader hun." Later, Akshara revealed to the female inmates that she chose Pratik as her connection as she likes 'akdu men'. This made Neha Bhasin tell her that only she could handle him and it's only now that they will have some fun. 

  5.  KJo asks Pratik to explain Ridhima about #StayConnected. Instead, Pratik picks up an old fight with Divya and KJo tells him to cool down. KJo says the power now lies with Karan, who will get to select a partner. 

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