Auditions - 2021-2022 ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’.

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  • ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’. The popular quiz show, hosted by none other than Sourav Ganguly, is set to launch its newest season. ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ are keen on launching the show and the auditions will start soon. Keeping the pandemic situation in mind, online auditions will be held. Season 8 concluded its journey last year in September declaring Darjeeling district as the winner. ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular non-fiction shows on Bengali television and enjoys a huge viewership. Despite being aired only on weekends, the show gives a stiff competition to all other daily soaps that are being aired the entire week. Sourav’s eloquence, charm, witty one-liners are the added bonanza. His intelligent and humorous replies made the quiz show interesting.
  • ‘Dadagiri’, which has interesting rounds, welcomes commoners as participants as well as celebrity guests. Every season, the show welcomes some of the eminent celebrities as its special guests. It will be interesting to see who would be the special guests this season. Meanwhile, yet another rival channel is gearing up to launch a quiz show hosted by a popular celebrity.
  • Rival TV channels at loggerheads to cast Sourav Ganguly as host?
About the show:
  • Dadagiri Unlimited is a Bengali language quiz show telecast by the Bengali TV channel Zee Bangla. The show is hosted by former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly.
  • The contestants are chosen by a preliminary selection round held in different parts of the state West Bengal; every contestant represents their respective districts of West Bengal. The show premiered in 2009. The title track has been penned by Srijit Mukherji. and sung by Arijit Singh.
All Seasons Winners:
  • Season 1 – Kolkata
  • Season 2 – North 24 Parganas
  • Season 3 – Bardhaman
  • Season 4 – North 24 Parganas
  • Season 5 – Bardhaman
  • Season 6 – East Midnapore
  • Season 7 – North 24 Parganas
  • Season 8 – Darjeeling
  • Season 1: In 2009, Kolkata won the finale (Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was the celebrity guest in the finale episode of the first season);
  • Season 2: North 24 Parganas won. Dadagiri season 3 was organized in 2012 and was hosted by Mithun Chakraborty.
  • Season 3: The then undivided Bardhaman secured the trophy of Season 3.
  • Season 4: Started on 26 August 2013, and ended on 23 February 2014. This season, the main host, Sourav Ganguly hosted the show. In this season, North 24 Parganas secured the win for the second time (Bollywood personalities Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan were celebrity guests in the finale of season 4, who came to promote their film Shaadi Ke Side Effects).
  • Season 5: Started on 17 November 2014.
  • Season 6: Began on 11 January 2016, and ended on 3 July 2016.
  • Season 7: Began on 10 June 2017 and ended on 25 February 2018.
  • Season 8: Started airing from 3 August 2019 and temporarily halted in March 2020 due to the lockdown measures taken to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. After the lockdown, it started airing in late August 2020, ending with the Grand Finale which was aired on 13th September, 2020.
2021 Season:
Sometimes, a number of Bengali celebrities or renowned personalities come to play the game for the bottom six districts on the list.

Former captain of Indian Cricket team and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is having a successful inning on Bengali television as a host. Popularity of his show ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’ is unparalleled and TRP reports are proof of it. Now, rumour mill has it that a leading Bengali television channel is keen on casting Sourav as a host for one of its non-fiction shows. Industry sources suggest that Sourav was approached by the channel too. Sourav, who is busy with his other commitments, hasn’t replied yet. Meanwhile, the channel airing 'Dadagiri Unlimited', is keen on launching a new season, too. Launched in 2009, ‘Dadagiri Unlimited’, successfully concluded its 8th season declaring team ‘Darjeeling’ as the winner. Sourav’s natural hosting s****s, sense of humour, and undeniable charm made the show a huge success.

Sourav’s eloquence made the quiz show quite entertaining. His off-field googlies never missed a chance to entertain the audience. Though the show is only being aired on the weekend, in terms of TRPs, it gives a tough competition to all other daily soaps aired 7 days a week. The show has welcomed Bollywood stars and eminent cricket personalities. Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Bipasha Basu, and many others have graced the show.
It will be worth a wait to see what Sourav has to say about the news shows that he was approached for.

Earlier, Jisshu U Sengupta, who was mostly seen hosting singing reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’, gave a green signal to the rival channel and hosted two TV shows ‘Super Singer’ and ‘Hasiwala and Company’. Actor Abir Chatterjee stepped into his shoes and hosted the recently concluded season of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’.

Srabanti, who shared the panel of judges with Jisshu in reality show ‘Dance Bangla Dance’, signed a contract with the same channel and hosted ‘Superstar Parivaar’. She was the judge of ‘Dance Dance Junior’ as well.

Format, Rounds:
  • Selection Round,Six contestants are selected in this round. This round was dropped in later seasons.
  • Toss Round, Six selected contestants from 23 districts of West Bengal and a contestant representing Team India participate in this round. Six clues are given for a single answer, from which the participants have to guess the answer. From season 4, a seventh clue had been included, which was presented after the participants finalized their guess in the sixth clue. The participants' 'runs' are deducted if their guess is wrong, while they are awarded points if their guess is correct. The number of runs awarded or deducted depends on the number of clues the contestant used to finalize his/her guess. In the later seasons, this round has got tougher with the clue being vague and the answers unexpected. In season 8, participants need to write their guesses from the first clue but without telling anyone, which is revealed at the end before announcing the seventh clue i.e., the answer.
  • Powerplay Round,All six contestants play this round. Random questions of nine people are selected to ask the contestants. If they are able to answer without taking options, they get 12 runs. They can also select from questions valued two, four or six runs if they wish. A two-run question includes two options, a four-run question has three options, while a six-run question has four options.
  • If any other contestant thinks that the contestant's answer is wrong, he/she can challenge that particular contestant, receiving double runs if the answer is correct, but losing double runs if the answer is wrong. One contestant is eliminated at the end of this round.This round was renamed as Bouncer Round in season 7.
  • Cover Drive Round,Here, the contestants are given some audio-visual questions to answer. Questions range from one to four runs (score). The contestants are questioned, without options, on either a video or an audio clip, depending on their choice. The help and challenge options are also available here. This round is quite similar to the Power Play round; only the question pattern is different.
  • Googly/Doosra Round, The Googly and Doosra round is quite similar to the type of bowling in cricket it is named after. As the bowler surprises the batsman with such a delivery, the contestants are also baffled by riddles or rebus puzzles. This is perhaps the hardest round in the game, but certainly the most enjoyable. Each contestant can choose from googly and doosra. As a doosra question is more difficult, a contestant gets 12 points for the right answer and minus 12 points for the wrong answer. A googly question has six points. A contestant gets six points for the right answer and minus six points for the wrong answer. Others cannot challenge the contestant (who is asked the question) in this tricky round.
  • Slog Over Round,This round was called Full Toss Round in season 7. The remaining three contestants are asked 12 questions. Previously (before season 5) the number of questions was 18. The fastest one to press the buzzer after the question is asked gets to answer the particular question. One who manages to answer consecutive three questions correctly gets a 'free hit' which means that there will be no negative marking for him in the question. Questions that all the contestants have failed to answer are asked to the Runners' Bench at random. One contestant is eliminated.
  • Bapi Bari Jaa,The remaining duo is head-to-head in this final obstacle to victory. The contestants are told to choose from six subjects alternatively, from which they will be asked questions. Similar to the Bouncer round, one can challenge the other. If they decide to challenge in this round, their answers are kept unknown to each other until they have finalized them.
The contestant who has scored more runs wins the game.
In season 3 'Bapi Bari Jaa' round was renamed as 'Check Mate' round, in season 4 it was again named as 'Bapi Bari Jaa'.

Chief Guests

  • Season 1 – Shah Rukh Khan
  • Season 2 – Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jeet & Mithun Chakraborty
  • Season 3 – Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayan
  • Season 4 – Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Prosenjit Chatterjee & Rachana Banerjee
  • Season 5 – Bipasha Basu, Monali Thakur & Palash Sen
  • Season 6 – Ankush, Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan & Sayantika Banerjee, Jeet
  • Season 7 – Sachin Tendulkar
  • Season 8 – Raghab Chattopadhyay, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee, Anupam Roy, Mir Afsar Ali, Rupankar Bagchi, Somlata Acharya
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