Bengali TV Show ‘Mithai’ (Latest update, New Star Cast, New Story, Today Episode, Yesterday Episode Videos, Written update)


  • Today Episode:

  • Ankush Hazra and Sandipta Sen will make a special appearance. Mithai has just completed a run of two years too.
    Team ‘Mithai’ is in a celebratory mood these days and they have more reasons to be happy. The show has completed a successful run of two years on Bengali TV and now, two special guests are set to feature in the show. It will be a star-studded gala affair in Mithai’s upcoming episode with film star Ankush Hazra making a special appearance alongside actress Sandipta who tasted immense success on Bengali small screen. Sandipta and Ankush will pay a visit to Mithai-Sidhartha’s house ‘Monohora’ as guests. The Tolly actors have teamed up for the soon-to-be-streamed OTT series ‘Shikarpur’.
  • While the special episode will be aired today (January 5), Ankush-Sandipta shot for the episode a few days back and had a gala time with Adrit Roy, Soumitrisha Kundoo and other artists of the show. With the appearance of the special guests, Mithai’s upcoming episode will be high on the entertainment quotient. Ankush plays Kestho’s character in ‘Shikarpur’. He is an aspiring detective, who tries to solve a serial murder while Chumki (played by Sandipta) is his lady love. Ankush and Sandipta will give the audience a glimpse of their journey in ‘Shikarpur’ as Keshto and Chumki. Besides this, they will also have a blast with the members of ‘Monohora’ who are always ahead when it comes to merry-making.
  • Meanwhile, yesterday, Team ‘Mithai’ had a cosy celebration party in the studio as they completed two years of a successful run. Soumitrisha, Adrit, Diya Mukherjee, Tonni Laha Roy, Oindrila Saha along with the other artists and technicians, enjoyed a celebratory mood. 
  • Modak family faces yet another hurdle, Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundoo starrer ‘Mithai’ has kept the audience glued to the small screen with its engaging drama. Frequent twists and turns and protagonist Mithai-Siddhartha’s chemistry have certainly contributed to the entertainment quotient to Mithai’s current track. After a few days of relief, tension brewed in Monohora because of a politician. The makers recently introduced Pramila Laha’s character into the story. Actress Arijita Mukhopadhyay is essaying the character and along with her entry, Promila has brought some new twists. The politician is after Monohora. Siddheshwar Modak, the head of the family, denies selling the property to anyone. When Promila fails in her first attempt, she decides to take things in her hands and plays all tricks in her book to materialise her plan. She offers rehabilitation, huge compensation and also tries to influence Torsha. But when her plan fails, she starts making trouble. Suddenly, someone torches the sweet shop, which leads the Modak family thinking whether it was a conspiracy rather than an accident. Promila also accuses Siddheshwar of running an illegal business. It leaves the family members shattered. Cop Rudra has no clue either about the latest issues.Finally, Mithai, who already saw Promila speaking with Torsha, decides to expose the truth.

  • Siddhartha and Mithai to face a big challenge,
    In the past two weeks, ‘Mithai’ has been dominating the numero uno spot yet again and makers aren’t ready to lose the viewership. The latest tweak in the storyline, in which Mithai was shot and her life was in danger, helped the show get good TRP. In order to take the entertainment quotient a notch higher, ‘Mithai’ will feature some high-voltage drama revolving around the new crisis in Siddhartha-Mithai’s life yet again.
  • Male protagonist Omi Agarwal is ready with his yet another plan to give the Modak family a sleepless night. Omi, who earlier wanted to cause loss to Modak’s business venture, stopped them from opening a sweet hub, tried to stop Pinky-Sandy’s wedding with some bigger plan in mind. This time, rather than targeting only his arch-rival Siddhartha and his wife Mithai, Omi will put everyone’s life at risk. He will fit a time-bomb at Modak residence, ‘Monohora’. It leaves Siddhartha and Mithai as well as other family members in a great shock. It will be interesting to see how Sid, a talented architect, and Mithai, who is good at almost everything, manage to defuse the bomb or not. Interestingly, this is not the first time Bengali viewers would be watching such a sequence. Earlier, in ‘Ke Apon Ke Por’, protagonist Joba had defused a bomb fitted at her daughter’s school that too before the bomb squad had arrived! However, lawyer Joba became a fodder for trolls soon after the episode went on-air. It will be worth a watch to see how Bengali viewers react to Mithai’s upcoming track and Sid-Mithai’s bomb defusing skills!

  • Actor John Bhattacharya bags a new project:
    Bengali actor John Bhattacharya’s career seems to be on the right track. John, who is currently playing a baddie in Bengali TV’s one of the most popular shows ‘Mithai’, has been striking a fine balance between his movies, OTT project and other commitments. Well, the actor has yet another project in his kitty. John will be seen in an upcoming music video which is being shot in a very interesting format. It’s a one-minute-long music video. Nine very popular singer-music personalities are associated with this project. Sahana Bajpaie, Jeet Gaanguli, Iman Chakraborty, Somlata Acharya, Rupankar Bagchi, Lopamudra Mitra, Joy Sarkar, and Rupam Islam are a part of this musical journey while the video will feature Swastika Dutta and Falaque Rashid Roy. John has already shot for the video and enjoyed every bit of his new experience. Speaking about the actor, John is one of the popular faces on Bengali television. He has been a part of many shows until now right from mythological shows, supernatural fiction, family-drama and others. John, who made his debut with Madhumita Sarcar and Yash Dasgupta starrer ‘Bojhe Na Se Bojhe Na’, is playing a meaty role in ‘Mithai’. His reel character Omi Agarwal is protagonist Siddhartha Modak’s (played by Adrit Roy) arch-enemy. This is the first time he is essaying a negative character and left his fans impressed with his performance.
  • Bengali remake of Monalisa Biswas starrer ‘Nazar’, ‘Rimli’, ‘Naagleela’ re some of John’s television projects. He recently did an OTT project opposite actress Oindrila Bose and also played a meaty role in Dev’s movie ‘Golondaaj’.

  • Actress Bidipta Chakraborty joins the cast of TV show ‘Mithai’:
    Senior Bengali artist Bidipta Chakraborty has joined the cast of popular television serial ‘Mithai’. She will be seen playing a prominent character in the TV show which stars Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundoo in the lead roles. The ace actress will play Anuradha's character, who is a famous interior designer. Anuradha gets married to Samaresh Modak, male protagonist Siddhartha's dad.
  • According to the NEW story, Samaresh lost his wife long ago and stayed single all these years. Mithai and all other family members convince him to start afresh and marry Anuradha. With Anuradha’s entry, the storyline will witness some interesting changes. Protagonist Mithai, who wears her heart on her sleeves, welcomes her mom-in-law to the house. On the other hand, the big fat Modak family in which all the members happily stay together will get yet another chance to celebrate.


Show completed 500 episodes:
Team ‘Mithai’ seems to be still in a party mood. The cast and crew, who enjoyed a gala celebration after the show completed 500 episodes, are still enjoying the celebratory mood it seems. The members of the big fat happy Modak family enjoyed an extended celebratory mood outside the set recently. Actors Swagata Basu, Biswajit Chakraborty, Soumitrisha Kundoo, Tonni Laha Roy, Arpita Mukehree, and Diya Mukherjee were spotted at a popular café in the city having a good time together. The co-stars enjoyed long adda to rejuvenate themselves. From enjoying coffee together to playing indoor games, Modak family had a gala time at a popular café in the city. 

Latest Update:

  • Bengali daily soap ‘Mithai’, starring Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundu as lead pair, has crossed 200 episodes. Team ‘Mithai’ enjoyed a cosy party last week and had a gala time together. The cast and crew managed some time off and enjoyed a cake-cutting ceremony on the shooting.
  • The latest twists around the arrival of Shyama-Nikhil’s twin son and Basanta Chowdhury’s tragic death seem to have worked in favour of the show.
  • Mithai continues to top the TRP charts.
Star Cast:

  • ‘Mithai’ has an ensemble cast that includes some senior actors like Biswajit Chakraborty and Swagata Basu alongside many other popular faces from this industry. Actors Diya Mukherjee, Sourav Chatterjee, Dhrubojyoti Sarkar, Oindrila Saha, Uday Pratap Singh and others are playing meaty roles in the show.
  • Television show ‘Mithai’, starring Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundu, continues to cast its spell on the TRP charts.

  • A simple storyline backed with the support of a strong cast, helped the show gain popularity.
  • ‘Mithai’ has been dominating the TRP charts for a considerable period of time. The storyline revolves around village belle Mithai who can prepare mouth-watering sweets. She comes to the city to sell authentic Bengali sweets. Mithai’s visit to the city brings her closer to Modak family who own gourmet shops and runs several outlets. Following the destiny, MIthai gets married to Siddharta aka her Uchchebabu. How the two distinctly different young hearts start a journey, makes the major crux.
  • The show has bagged the numero uno position on the charts this week too; thanks to its gripping storyline and chemistry between protagonist Mithai and her ‘Uchche Babu’. The television show, which has a stellar star cast and simple storyline, has managed to connect with the audience.
  • Family-drama ‘Aparajita Apu’, starring Rohaan Bhattacharya and Susmita Dey, bagged the second spot this week. The current storyline revolves around Aparajita and Dipu’s wedding. Apu and Dipu’s sizzling chemistry is the USP of the show.
  • On the other hand, the crisis in Shyama-Nikhil’s daughter Krishna’s life, seems to have helped the show enjoy a good TRP. The show has bagged the third spot this week on the TRP charts. With Shyama’s arch-enemy Radha-Rukmini’s back-to-back conspiracies, the storyline has spiced up the entertainment quotient. Krishna and Aniruddha were forced to get married because of Radha’s plan.

  • Television show ‘Mithai’, starring Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundu, continues to cast its spell on the TRP charts. The show has bagged the numero uno position on the charts this week too; thanks to its gripping storyline and chemistry between protagonist Mithai and her ‘Uchche Babu’. The television show, which has a stellar star cast and simple storyline, has managed to connect with the audience.
200 episodes Special:

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