Bengali TV Show - Sagar Jyoti Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • Rahul Dev Bose and Nabanita Malakar to team up for ‘Sagar Jyoti’

About the show:
  • Upcoming television serial ‘Sagar Jyoti’ will bring actors Nabanita Malakar and Rahul Dev Bose together as the lead pair. Both of them are popular faces of Bengali television and have been a part of several shows. But this is the first time, the duo is sharing the screen and looking forward to their new venture.
  • Sagar Jyoti’ will narrate a love story revolving around two young hearts.
Star Cast:

  • Rahul Dev Bose
    will play role Sagar, an ambitious guy who is honest and responsible by nature. Speaking more about his reel character, Rahul says, “Sagar is a strong and determined individual but has a soft side too. He won't be taken lightly by others because he has an aura of seriousness around him. Playing such contrasting sides in a character is exciting. It is challenging to offer something new in this genre in terms of acting. But I'm enjoying the challenge. Rahul, Interestingly who has been mostly seen playing negative characters in TV shows. “The characters I have played on television had strong personalities. But most of them were negative characters. And the positive characters I played, were either purely white in nature or showed a transformation into a pure soul later. But Sagar Jyoti is different. Sagar is strong but he's not your average good boy. You can't mess around with Sagar Sen but he has a strong moral compass too. This is a big difference with regards to my other TV characters”

  • Nabanita Malakar who is mostly seen in mythological shows, will be seen in a love story this time. She is equally excited to play role of Jyoti’s character.After being part of many mythological shows, I am looking forward to Sagar Jyoti which will narrate a love story. I am playing Jyoti’s character. She is a good student and studies in a renowned institution. Jyoti belongs to a lower-middle-class family and witnessed financial crisis closely. She and her family run a roadside food stall named- 'five star' and she dreams to run a five-star hotel one day" Nabanita shared how she can relate to Jyoti’s character. “In many ways, I can relate to Jyoti. I have faced hardships in life like Jyoti. But what I learned in my life is that you have to continue your journey no matter what. Just like Jyoti, I also passionately nurtured dreams and worked hard to achieve those In real life, Nabanita and Rahul have already developed a friendship and can be spotted having fun in the make-up room. “We have become friends during the shoot. It’s fun to work with Nabanita and I am looking forward to our project,” says Rahul.

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